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16 Cleansing Schedule to Organize House Cleaning

We know how complicated the subject of house cleaning can be, especially when you have a busy and busy life. But, we need to appreciate the comfort and tranquility of seeing a clean and well-kept home! Seeing the sheets and towels clean and the floor and closet shining brings peace and quiet to anyone!

But what exactly makes a house really clean? What cleaning schedule should we create to get all the items in the house clean without stress and worry that dirt is taking over the entire space?

If these are some of the concerns that have already become part of your daily life, don’t worry! We’ve put together some ideal tips to help you maintain an easy and constant cleaning routine!

A- Weekly cleaning tasks:

1– Bath and face towels:

Unlike what many people think, washing bath and face towels does not necessarily have to be done once a week. It all depends on how many times they are used per day! Preferably, they should be replaced from the third or fourth use. Did you find a lot? Towels, especially damp ones, are the ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria and micro-organisms, so stay tuned!

2– Bed sheets:

For the house to be organized, making the bed every day is an essential activity! This task alone will create a new atmosphere for the bedroom environment ! But, when it comes to washing and replacing the sheets themselves, washing them weekly is without a doubt the correct indication!

3– Floor:

Cleaning the floor of the house depends mainly on the movement of residents through the house. It is recommended to clean the entire floor of the house once a week, at least. But if you can see the dust accumulated on the floor, it’s time to sweep, mop or vacuum.

4– Sinks:

From the accumulation of toothpaste in the bathroom to piles and piles of dishes in the kitchen, sinks should be cleaned at least once a week. But of course, as it is accumulating dirt, more superficial cleaning may be necessary.

5– Bathrooms:

We can reach a consensus that cleaning the bathroom is not anyone’s favorite activity, is it? But cleaning it is a necessary evil, after all it is an environment that accumulates a lot of bacteria and a heavier cleaning is essential!

6– Furniture:

The activity of wiping the duster or a damp cloth to remove dust from the furniture should be done at least once a week. The most thorough cleaning with furniture polish can be done once a month.

7– Stove:

The cleaning of the stove should ideally always be carried out at the end of meals, so as not to accumulate dirt.

8– Oven:

It is very easy to keep the dirty oven hidden behind the door. What the eyes don’t see the heart doesn’t feel, right? Wrong! The oven requires regular cleaning, preferably every week.

B- Fortnightly cleaning tasks:

9– Refrigerator:

The refrigerator must be cleaned once every fortnight, both inside and out! This, of course, depends on the number of residents! If you live alone, once a month is enough! And always remember to pay attention to the expiration date of the food! Expired food accumulates in the refrigerator and leaves behind an unpleasant smell.

C- Monthly cleaning tasks:

10– Windows:

Window glass must be washed once a month, especially for internal windows! The blinds and curtains, however, depend on the material. Metal blinds should be washed every two months and fabric blinds every six.

11– Cabinets and shelves:

Complete cleaning of cabinets must be done every month! But just like in the case of the floor of the house, if you can already see dust accumulating, this period can be reduced!

12– Baseboards:

we know that the baseboards of the house are often forgotten during cleaning. They might go unnoticed, but by cleaning them once at a time, you’ll start to appreciate the environment with them clean!

13– Sofas and armchairs:

it is very important to rid upholstery of the accumulation of bacteria and mites, so cleaning with a vacuum cleaner must be done at least once a month. For a more thorough cleaning, it is recommended to wash the product every six months. It is important not to forget to wash according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

D- Semi-annual cleaning tasks:

14– Fixtures:

The ceiling lamps to floor lamps, these are devices that also need attention! Be sure to dust them off whenever they start to accumulate dust and cobwebs. But for ceiling fixtures that accumulate insects, a thorough cleaning every six months is ideal.

15– Carpets:

As this is a product that accumulates fungus and bacteria, the house’s carpets must be washed at least twice a year. Always thinking about the frequency of use! Sometimes you will need to clean them more often. Important: Don’t forget to wash them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation! If they are washed incorrectly, you could end up losing that rug you love so much.

16– Curtains:

The curtains must be washed at least twice a year so as not to accumulate dust and dirt!

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But as you create a routine, and house chores are part of your day to day, cleaning the house becomes easier and less laborious every day!