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15 White Shelves Practical Decor Ideas

Corners, up to the ceiling, in the bathroom, in the kitchen… we show you how you can decorate your home with white shelves. When it comes to equipping the home with quality furniture, we often resort to shelves. They help us maintain order, they serve as a support to put objects, books and photos and, in addition, they contribute positively to decoration. For this reason, we want to show you 15 ideas to decorate with white shelves.

A bookcase can be placed in any room of the house. Generally, we are going to give it considerable utility, to the point that it becomes an essential resource for us to organize, for example, the living room bookcase or to put decorative objects. The functions can be multiple, the question is to choose the most suitable for your home. Do you know the ones that are white? We are going to investigate a little more about this type of furniture.


In the market you can find shelves of different types and materials. Normally, the wooden ones tend to be very recurrent, although the metal ones also gain a lot of prominence. After all, any of these materials are resistant to the passage of time and efficient in the long term, but what we tend to take into account the most is the shape and color.

When it comes to decorating with shelves, the color white can cover these materials and offer a simple, elegant and pure appearance. An interesting aspect would be the combination made with the rest of the decorative resources. White always looks good with the environment that surrounds it , to such an extent that it will not generate aesthetic dissonances; in fact, it will adapt very well to the rest of the decoration.

Therefore, if we want to give an answer to why decorate with white shelves, we ourselves will realize how easy it is to introduce a piece of furniture like this in the home. Basically, they engage in a cordial dialogue with the whole set and, depending on the format, can become very original, such as ladder-type shelves.


The types of white shelves that we have at our disposal are very varied. There are them as shelves placed on the wall with a simple and functional system. In the bathroom, the bedroom or the kitchen they are very recurrent and do not take up much space; There are even corner units that adapt perfectly to the space , just like the built-in shelves .

The model that is repeated the most is the wall shelf resting on the floor and rising in height. It can have large dimensions, to the point that it can be extended to the ceiling and can be used as a shelf to place the books in the living room . In the same way, there are others with an orderly arrangement of shelves that offer an interesting image and that help us to put all kinds of decorative resources.

In short, if you want to use shelves to separate spaces or simply to organize interiors, we present 15 examples of white shelves. Without a doubt, any of them can look great in your home.


Living room with white bookshelf

You can use the white shelves to decorate an entire wall in the living room and place all the books you have on them. The colors of the tops will create a beautiful contrast with the white.


It is a very good idea to place two white shelves next to each other. The wall, thus, will not be bare and help to decorate the room . To decorate them, opt for pieces with the same shades and some baskets to store.


White shelves are ideal for the kitchen, they will serve you both to store and to decorate the space. Place jars of spices, cookbooks, plants… They will fill the kitchen with color and joy.


This type of shelves to the ceiling are ideal in any living room. Do as in the photo and put all the books upside down so that there is a harmonious and smooth space.


This idea is perfect for small bathrooms, opt for white shelves instead of cabinets, you will gain space. It is best to decorate them with baskets so that everything is visibly organized.


To take advantage of every last corner! Take advantage and place white shelves in any corner, then decorate them with small elements that add color. Plants are always a good idea.


If you don’t like the color, choose to decorate the white shelves with softer tones such as beige, gray or green. It is important not to over decorate.


A single white shelf serves to decorate an entire wall. It is best to combine it with furniture in bright colors and decorate it with plants that add dimension.


This example of a shelf as a ladder is very interesting to decorate and convey an air of originality. What we place on top to decorate contrasts with the staircase itself and a perfect dialogue is generated, all in a Nordic style.


Hang the bookshelves with different spacing from each other, then decorate them with books horizontally and place small pieces on them. In larger spaces you can place prints or photos.


Decorate that dull white wall with blank shelves, then place a composition of open books and photographs on them. In the image they have chosen black and white. To store, place some baskets under the shelves.


You can opt for white shelves to decorate the wall of the sofa. To give dimension, paint it a different tone like the gray in the image.


Another model that has a presence in homes is the work shelf. In this case, it is organized by different compartments arranged alternately to give the space greater dynamism and elegance.


It is true that the shelves should not take up too much space. The purpose is that they collaborate in the decoration, not that they hinder; For this reason, this model is ideal for the living room as it is compact and thus organizes the library that we have. It is the best way for us to design our own bookcase for the living room.


These shelves allow you to change the layout of their shelves to your liking in order to place larger pieces. Do as in the image and leave the lower shelf wider to place plants, paintings or sculptures.