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15 Ways to Use Chaise Lounge in Comfortable Decor

There are days when we just want to lie down and relax, right? And an extremely comfortable piece of furniture that can be used in various spaces of the house to provide you with a quiet corner to rest is the chaise lounge. Already know? Chaise lounge is a French term meaning “long chair”. As the translation itself indicates, it is an elongated chair, made especially for you to stretch your legs and relax!

And for you to know everything about this furniture, check out our tips on where to use the chaise lounge divan, how to differentiate it from other furniture and more amazing tips. Don’t miss out!

Living room with chaise lounge and pink blanket

1- Difference between chaise lounge, divan and recamier

Living room with beige chaise lounge and checkered rug

It is common to confuse the chaise lounge with the divan and the recamier. But if you evaluate the piece carefully, you will notice that there are differences between them. Are they:


The divan has a more curved structure, where the head is always higher than the feet. We’ve already talked about the divan armchair around here, then see more about it.


The arms of the recamier are lower – many do not even have support arms, even – it is widely used on the edge of the bed or in small rooms as a bench.

Chaise lounge:

Finally, we have the chaise lounge, which can have one or two arms at the ends, one of which is usually higher.

Sofa with chaise lounge:

Some sofa models have an extension in their structure on one of the sides. This allows you to lie down and relax on the couch! Some models have this removable part, but it is usually built into the frame.

Now that you know how to differentiate these furniture, let’s talk about another important topic: where to use the chaise lounge in decoration.

2- Where to use the chaise lounge

Beige chaise lounge set

The tip is to use the chaise lounge divan in places where you can relax while reading a book or watching a movie. It has to be a nice environment!

We separate some tips for you to choose the best place to use the chaise lounge divan in decoration.

3- Chaise lounge in the living room

Small living room with pink chaise lounge

The best place to use the chaise lounge is in the living room. In addition to escaping the traditional “armchairs and chairs”, the chaise highlights romanticism and a very special charm in the decoration.

In compact environments, you can replace the sofa with a chaise lounge in the living room. In larger spaces, it is worth using to replace the armchairs and offer more seating in the living room.

If you invest in the second option, one way to highlight your project is through colors. Buy a neutral sofa and leave it to innovate in colors in the chaise lounge model in the living room. It’s amazing!

4- Near the fireplace

Leather chaise lounge for living room with fireplace

Chaise lounge sofas are perfect to leave by the fireplace, especially if you live in colder regions.

Whenever the temperature drops, grab a warm blanket and lie on the chaise lounge sofas to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. It is wonderful!

You can even leave a blanket to decorate the chaise lounge sofas. Worth crochet, knitting, patterned or fur blankets. Choose the one that best suits your environment near the corner fireplace.

5- Chaise lounge room

Bedroom with TV chaise lounge

You can use the bedroom chaise lounge armchair in different ways. It all depends on the size of your environment.

In smaller rooms, use the bedroom chaise lounge chair next to the bed. So you can set up a reading space to pass the time. Leave it near the bedside table, so you can turn on the lamp and optimize the environment.

In large rooms, it is worth using the chaise lounge armchair to create a second environment in the room with the chaise, a rack and TV. It’s like having an exclusive TV room for the couple! in that case, buy a chaise set.

6- Chaise lounge balcony

Balcony with gray chaise lounge

There’s no better place to relax than the balcony. It’s an open, bright and cozy space – perfect for escaping the daily stress.

Decorate your balcony chaise lounge with soft and comfortable cushions and leave a side table close by, so you can put books, a notebook to work in comfort or glasses.

7- Chaise lounge outdoor area

Balcony with round outdoor chaise and blue sofas

As we indicated for the balcony, you can buy a chaise lounge outside. The difference is that it needs to be resistant and practical to sanitize, as it can come in contact with rain and sun.

It is also interesting to buy a lighter outdoor chaise lounge, which makes it easier to carry it around the house. So, if you want to leave the furniture in the shade on sunny days, it’s more practical!

Did you like the chaise lounge? Now see more creative and elegant ways to include furniture in your dream decor!

8- Double Bedroom

Large double bedroom with chaise lounge.

9- Blue and Pink

Blue room with pink chaise lounge and modern lamp.

10- Chic Lounge

Chic lounge with chaise lounge.

11- Classic Room with blue

Classic room with blue chaise lounge and colorful blanket.

12- Classic Lounge with white

Classic lounge with white chaise lounge.

13- Mini Bar

Room with mini bar and chaise far away by the window.

14- Living Room with belgian 

Living room with Belgian rug and beige sofa.

15- Creative Living Room

Creative living room with pink chaise lounge armchair.