15+ Stunning DIY Vinyl Records Tips for DIY Lovers

Vinyl records, which were widely used for recording in the last century, still exist today. The most valuable works can be sold to collectors. The discs with large circulation can be used to make household goods or original handicrafts made by hand.

1- Bright Stickers

If you decorate with plates with bright stickers, boring white walls will immediately become more attractive. You will get a colorful design.

2- Acrylic paint

Applying acrylic paint will make the composition more effective.

3- Curtains

Use colorful lace or metal brackets to fix discs of the same size to make curtains that replace the inner door.

4- Dish Coasters

Unusual hot dish coasters will surprise your guests and make older generations nostalgic.

5- Round Photo Frames

Round photo frames can be decorated with lace, beads, or paper flowers. Even elementary school students can handle this kind of work.

6- Minion Frame

The minion frame looks like a strange flower.

7- Handbag

A simple and elegant handbag, suitable for fashionable teenagers. It would be great if young female needleworkers make their products.

8- Hanger, Small Table, or, Stool

Non-standard furniture will fit any modern interior design. The correct geometry and ease of assembly of the vinyl circle allow you to build a hanger, small table, or stool in a matter of minutes. This handmade record craft will attract fans of talented musicians of the past.

9- Unusual Mosaics

The damaged countertop decorated with unusual mosaics looks like new.

10- Desk Lamp or Chandelier

The reflection on the surface of the vinyl record will brighten the light of the desk lamp or chandelier.

11- Shelves, Bottle racks, or Kitchen storage racks

Vinyl is a material that tends to soften when heated. To make a wall for homemade shelves, bottle racks, or kitchen storage racks, it is enough to just put the plates in boiling water for a few minutes and then bend them according to the selected item.

12- Desktop Kit

A small desktop kit can be made from a disc cut in half. To obtain a more complex structure, the plates are heated in an oven whose temperature should not exceed 120°C, then shaped. To avoid burns to your hands during work, you should wear protective gloves.

13- Jewelry Holder

A colorful jewelry holder can be made into a vertical or shallow dish.

14- Any Container

Any container can be made of heated vinyl, for example, the original organizer for office supplies.

15- Potted Plants

Homemade potted plants for houseplants do not require drilling holes in the bottom-this is provided by the technique of making records.

It is a bit difficult to make a beautiful engraving on the plate-you need skill and special tools. The drawing is cut on the template with a sharp knife, electric jigsaw, milling cutter, or wood-burning device. Artisans can think of other ways to make elegant lace products, usually used as frames for homemade watches.

Crafts made using paper-cutting techniques look very impressive. To create a color panel, any decorative element that matches the theme of the image is suitable. The “picture” of the children’s room can be decorated in a nautical style, and the kitchen decals can be decorated with bulk food, seeds, or nuts.

A colorful potted plant or artificial flower will make the summer cottage more elegant. The feeder will help birds, and squirrels get through the cold season.

Young plants surrounded by visible but straightforward borders will be protected from trampling.

Flexible and flexible vinyl material is a suitable home creative material. It only requires a little imagination and dedication to create original home furnishings.

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