15 Most Useful Ideas From Decora Gnt

Decora GNT is a weekly program on the closed channel, which has been on air since 2011. It gained a new face and, now, its name is Decore-se. Run by the architect Stephanie Ribeiro, it is the residents themselves who put their hands to work to transform a space in their home.

This, of course, with the guidelines of the project created by the professional to make the environment welcoming, but also functional.

The name change reflects the changes that our house has undergone since the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020. The spaces now also need to be used for work and leisure time.

In this scenario, Stephanie began to virtually accompany two different families in their renovations. Viewers also follow the transformation step-by-step and, of course, see the before and after.

There have been two seasons of the new version of Decora GNT, both full of tips and inspirations that can be easily reproduced or adapted for your home. And to make it easier for those looking for practical tips, we listed 15 ideas that have already been aired. Follow up!

Decoration programs are darlings of Brazilians. We separate simple and practical tips from Decora GNT for you to be inspired. See 15 suggestions.

Decora GNT program gathers practical decorating tips. See the main ones:

1- Reposition furniture for quick change

A super simple Decora GNT tip is to move the furniture around to renew the decoration of the room or other environments. They must keep up with the needs of the residents and, therefore, it can be interesting to change positions from time to time.

Changing the layout of the furniture can be enough for a good redesign (Project: André Soares )
You just need to keep an eye on the circulation space, which needs to be respected. So, don’t clutter the room with furniture!

Still on the changes in position, have you ever thought about using a piece of furniture that got seasick in another room in the house? At Decora GNT, there was even a kitchen table being used as a bedside table for a bedroom.

2- Incorporate color by painting a wall

Turns and moves that color that is a trend in decoration appears. But at Decora GNT we learn that it doesn’t need to be incorporated with an expensive piece of furniture, signed by a famous designer.

If you like pink, green, or any other hot color, consider painting a wall in those shades. Thus, you spend a lot less than changing the furniture. Besides, you can repaint the wall if you don’t like it, if you don’t get used to the result or when you want to try another color.

3- If you prefer, use colors on smaller objects

But there are people who are afraid to bet on colors in walls, floors and wall coverings. In fact, when the tones take up more space in the room, they attract more attention.

Therefore, a tip from Decora GNT is to prefer floors and walls in neutral tones, and be bold in choosing colored objects. This even includes small furniture such as armchairs and side tables.

Colorful objects or furniture add a touch of personality. Cushions, blankets, rugs, chairs and paintings can bring colors to give a touch of personality to the room. This allows for an easy (and cheaper) style change whenever you want.

4- Choose the right size rug with Decora GNT tip

This is a decoration item that brings warmth to environments. For this reason, it has always been used a lot, even by other renowned architects who have been through Decora GNT, such as Bel Lobo, Marcelo Rosenbaum and Maurício Arruda .

However, it is very common to make mistakes in the size of the rug. Following Decora GNT’s tips, you should choose a rug that is 50 cm to 60 cm longer than the furniture, be it a bed or sofa, for example. That’s right: it needs to be bigger than the mobile!

Among Decora GNT’s tips, the right size of the rug makes the difference in decoration.

5- Swap the frames to tweak the style of the space

The attraction of Decora GNT is precisely to take tips that are within everyone’s reach. After all, the small renovations and adjustments in the decoration are made by the residents themselves.

During the program, we also learned that the exchange of paintings and other decorative objects on the walls can completely change the style of the space.

And if you combine this tip with others, such as moving furniture, you will get an even more impactful result!

6- Cover coverings and tiles with Decora GNT tips

You know that old tile or floor that you got sick of, but are lazy just thinking about changing? Throughout the seasons of Decora GNT, we saw different options to give a new face to spaces.

Instead of taking everything out and preparing the wall or floor for a new coating, you can cover the old pieces. You can glue a new coating on top using special mortar.

Decora GNT tips also help to renovate coverings without much effort.
You can also have a paint finish on walls. Just cover the coverings with acrylic putty, sand and paint the color you want.

7- Prefer low furniture in small environments

If you don’t have a lot of space, one of the tips to create spaciousness is to opt for low furniture. Another point to keep an eye on is the choice of colors. Neutral and lighter tones also help to make the room look larger.

8- Invest in versatile furniture

When buying furniture for your home, think about how many ways you will be able to use it, especially if the space is small. For example, a stool can serve not only for sitting at the table, but also for support beside the sofa or bed.

For those with little space and no guest room, investing in a sofa bed can also be a good idea. Thus, you will be able to receive visits with more comfort.

Drawers make furniture such as sofas and beds more versatile (Project: Carolina Fagundes )
Your room’s rack, on the other hand, can have drawers and also serve as a buffet. Another interesting Decora GNT idea is racks with puffs that fit on the bottom. That way they stay organized, but always close at hand.

9- Integrate floors and paint environments

Also for those who have a small environment, not delimiting the spaces very well can give a feeling of spaciousness. And as we saw in Decora GNT, this can be done with painting and flooring that follow between the environments that are integrated.

For example, use the same floor and wall covering throughout the bathroom. Do this too in a kitchen that is integrated into the living room. Or in a dining room that shares space with the kitchen. The Lastras are great allies for this purpose.

Following the same material or color between the environments brings a feeling of amplitude.

10- Demarcate environments with furniture and painting

Now, if the problem is not space, you can use Decora GNT hints to clarify the division between environments that are integrated. This is more common in the kitchen and living room.

You can use different colors on the walls to define where one room starts and the other ends. In the case of the kitchen, this can still be done with wall coverings.

Demarcation of spaces can be with furniture and other decorative object.
Furniture also helps in this task. Tables, benches or shelves can be placed between the kitchen and the living room. Another option is to use cobogós to separate the environments. This sense of division is further enhanced with some elements, such as pendants or plants hanging from the ceiling.

11- Keep the organization organized with lessons from Decora GNT

Furniture and items that follow the same style help to give the feeling of organization. Invest in cabinets with compartments, furniture that can also be used to store objects, such as a trunk bed, trunk sofa and cabinets in the laundry area.

Planned furniture is also great for organization because they tend to take advantage of all spaces. And in landscaping, vases with the same color or pattern give that feeling of unity, as we saw in Decora GNT. To keep everything in order, choose furniture that fits your objects.

12- Choose a trail with spots if you don’t have a lighting project

And there’s a very good Decora GNT tip for environments with only one lighting point or where there isn’t a project in that sense: use rails with directional spots.

Decora GNT also has lighting tips, how to use rail spot.Since the lamps can be moved to one side or the other, you can highlight different objects. This Decora GNT tip is still versatile. If you decide to move the furniture, that’s fine: just adjust the spots!

13- Prefer neutral floors and furniture in children’s rooms

Rooms for children and teenagers have also been transformed over the seasons at Decora GNT. And a very useful tip is to leave to determine the style of decoration on smaller objects.

This makes it easier to make changes as the child grows. In addition to changing needs with age, tastes and preferences also change.

Neutrality allows furniture to follow different stages of the child. So, prefer the paint for the walls, because it’s easier to change later. Larger and main furniture, such as neutral cabinets and dressers, can also keep up with the different phases of the child without any problems.

14- Choose wooden floors and furniture for more coziness

Wood, especially in a darker tone, is a good alternative to make environments more cozy. And it doesn’t even have to be exactly that stuff. You can opt for porcelain tiles that interpret wood , for example. In furniture, coverings or decorative objects, wood leaves a cozy atmosphere. Darker colors are also good alternatives for this. Whether on a wall or on decor items.

15- As in Decora GNT projects, use plants to give life

Plant fathers and mothers multiplied during quarantine. And it makes perfect sense: with more time at home, in addition to being easier to take care of, they also give more life and warmth.

So, if you are looking for an environment to relax and feel good, choose different foliage and flowers that adapt well to indoor environments. Ferns, cacti and succulents are just a few examples. Dried leaves are also good options. Plants help to decorate and leave a cozy environment.

With this compilation of Decora GNT tips, you already have a good idea of ​​how to renovate your house without much effort. And the best part: avoiding big works.

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