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15 Keys to Embellish Your Bedroom and Dressing Room With Mirrors

Their functionality and decorative power make them key pieces in any room worth its salt. Equip your bedroom and dressing room with decorative mirrors. In the bedroom or in the dressing room, hanging or resting on the floor… Mirrors, in addition to being essential, are an object of high decorative value in any room in the house, but … do you know how to make the most of them? Find out with us! It is always important to know where to place the mirrors and what effects they achieve.

The idea of ​​installing a mirror in the bedroom has always been controversial, especially due to the guidelines of the feng shui philosophy in home decoration. To maintain good energy in the room where you rest, you should keep the mirror away from the bed and never in front of the window so that you can achieve a deep sleep every night.

We recommend that you install at least one pair of mirrors in the room: one full-length and one smaller. The big one should rest on one foot, but if you don’t have enough space you can stick an iron inside the closet to completely review your daily looks . Another good idea is to install a mirrored barn door at the bathroom access. As for the vanity mirror, make sure that it is located at head height or on a dresser or dresser, where you can see the face well to be able to complete your beauty routines, put on your earrings or adjust your tie.

Where you choose to place a mirror area is important. The higher you hang them, the more depth you will give the bedroom and if you place them next to the area where there is more natural light, they are sure to provide luminosity. If you want to take advantage of a corner, corner mirrors have the super power of giving meters to the room. Is it true that mirrors enlarge the space? Of course, so play around with them and, in addition to having framed models, try furniture with mirrored fronts, such as cabinets or side tables.

The mirror design reveals your tastes. The options to choose them are very diverse, always according to your needs. You can opt for a standing mirror like the one you see in the image, a wall mirror that allows you to save space, or directly, a closet with mirror doors to kill two birds with one stone. The decorative style does not influence when decorating with mirrors, although you have to bear in mind that the color palette of your bedroom is multiplied by the reflection, so bet on neutral tones. If you are very creative, go ahead and create your own mirror with a polyurethane foam frame, you will be able to give your bedroom personality.

Complete the decoration of your room with small details, such as a vegetable garland, which surrounds the mirror, or a selection of hanging pots, always with the most suitable plants to decorate the bedroom, or a beautiful composition of mirrors on the wall.


Words and lettering with mirrors to decorate the bedroom wall, in amazon

Wake up every day with a good wish. Words are important so get inspired by this mirrored lettering to decorate the headboard wall to your liking. These words and hearts, with which you can form lucky clovers, are self-adhesive and available on Amazon.


Moon shaped mirror for bedroom dresser by bloomingville

This dressing table made of pine integrates a practical mirror to put on makeup on a daily basis. It is a versatile piece of furniture, from Bloomingville, that you can use to illuminate a darker corner of the bedroom.


Rattan takes center stage in this Kenay Home environment. It is the material of the Arudin headboard and of the Yande and Sayu mirrors.


Round wall-mounted mirror in a setting by la redoute interieurs

The Martika design, at 80 cm, is perfect for upgrading your bedroom, especially if it has a contemporary decorating style. It is made of white marble and you will find it at La Redoute Interieurs.


Square mirror, with natural frame, for a shabby chic atmosphere, in leroy merlin

Square and rectangular mirrors are excellent allies to give depth to a room and also to check your outfit before leaving home. Try leaving them resting on a dresser. You can choose a natural or stripped white frame.


A white lacquered bedroom with a tabletop mirror, by car moëbel

A white lacquered bedroom is pure light. You will not need mirrors to create a feeling of spaciousness, but a reduced design will come in handy to check your makeup, such as this metal floor mirror, from the firm Hübsch, for sale at Car Moëbel.


Mirrored wall decor in a bedroom walk-in closet, at la redoute interieurs

Knowing how to decorate the wall is an art, even more so if you get these organic shapes. This proposal from La Redoute Interieurs is ideal for the dressing room area of ​​your bedroom. They have used the solid oak mirror, from the Orion collection, by AM.PM.


Full-length mirror with metal base, by amazon

A lightweight metal foot lends lightness to this outer framed mirror so you can fully see your outfit combinations. Its measurements are: 35 x 140 cm. In this environment it has been combined with three fisheye mirrors, which decorate the wall. For sale on Amazon.


Organic shaped mirror and black frame in the bedroom

Mirrors with organic shapes are the key to achieving fresh, modern and carefree environments. Place the Anera design, by Kave Home, on the wall next to a natural fiber armchair and a plant. The result will be shocking.


Mid century dressing table with round mirror and orange velvet upholstered chair

Our proposal is this mid-century dressing table with a seat upholstered in orange velvet. The golden details embellish the environment, so a round mirror is always a success, also the Mirror model, by ManoMano similar to the one in this environment.


Round decorative mirror with golden feather frame

This captivating sun-style mirror features on one side of the bedroom with its gold frame decorated with feathers that sparkle in the light. Complete the look , the wallpaper, the tufted upholstered headboard and the bedding in tan tones. You’ll find a similar design on the Magellan mirror from Maisons du Monde.


Decorative eye shaped mirror

Decorating with mirrors is also synonymous with having fun. Dare to choose such cute pieces as the Maela mirror, with a rattan frame inspired by the shape of an eye.


A combination of nissedal mirrors, from ikea, amplifies the dressing room area

The Nissedal design, from Ikea, in 130 x 150 cm, is the basis for creating this dreamy dressing room. The side mirrors are easily integrated by joining the sides of the frames, in black wood.


Paneled window-style standing mirror

A full-length mirror placed in an unusual place, such as behind an armchair, to give a sophisticated air to the bedroom. At Maisons du Monde, you can buy a similar model, the Orangerie design , with gold profiles and paneling.


Walk-in bedroom with standing mirror

Inside the dressing rooms, mirrors fulfill a key function: they allow you to check your image before going out. In addition, if you place them next to a window, they reflect natural light and enhance the feeling of spaciousness in the room. At Ikea you can buy the Karmsund black standing mirror, in 20 x 167 cm.