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15 Ideas for Creating Water Fountains in Your Garden

Water fountains are great options for those who want to enhance the decoration of their garden, creating spaces for meditation and encounter with the essence of nature.

To get a good cost-benefit ratio, there’s nothing better than finding the most assertive alternative for your home, with that in mind, we list 15 different ideas that could be successful.

Water fountains to make your garden amazing

1 – Fountain in the pool

You can add water fountains to your home’s pool, thus creating a cozy spot where the waterfall gives a real massage to your muscles.

In addition, this special touch gives this space a stronger feeling of relaxation.

2 – Fountain on the facade

One type of water fountain design that has become very popular is one where the waterfall surrounds the front of the house. In this case, there may be several sources in the contour creating a kind of mini-lake dammed by small retaining walls.

3 – Japanese style font

For those who are thinking of something minimalist, the tip is to think of a Japanese-style font. The delicate combination of a simple water fountain with stones brings harmony and peace to the garden.

4 – Fountain through opening in the garden wall

Is your garden too small for a fountain?

Know that there is a possibility for small spaces too, we are talking about a fountain where water flows through an opening in the wall to find the floor or a makeshift pond.

The most important thing is to check that the wall material does not wear out by the action of water.

5 – Wood source

Water and wood complement each other in an almost mystical way and for that reason this set can be a great choice for your garden and even for the entrance of the house.

A smart way to add these two elements is to create a mechanism with pieces of wood so that the water runs down to the ground.

6 – Font with geometric details

For those who want to give the garden water fountain project a more oriental look and linked to the idea of ​​meditation, we suggest that you combine the fall with geometrical elements such as circles, for example.

7 – Font with differentiated design

Betting on different symbols to complement the design of your font is a way to guarantee a more interesting result, after all, creativity in decoration doesn’t need to have limits.

8 – Fountain with clay pieces

To add a more rustic touch to the water fountains, we suggest that you complement the set with clay pieces, such as jugs.

The ideal is to have these pieces between plants and trees.

9 – Grand fountain in stone wall

Those who want everything but discretion when installing their water fountain will be interested in projects with imposing walls.

The combination of stones and fountains is sensational and has a great impact on visitors.

10 – Fountain surrounded by plants

For those who do not want to give the fountain a prominence, we recommend installing it at the bottom of the garden surrounded by plants.

An interesting project especially for those who like the company of water sources to meditate and be able to think about life in isolation.

11 – Sources with more than one drop opening

Water fountains that have more than one exit point gain a sophisticated and differentiated look.

So that the waterfall does not get too strong, we recommend that the openings be small, as if they were ‘spouts’.

12 – Water source on the stairs

Does your garden have a ladder? Know that this is your chance to do something amazing with the decor, the tip is to take advantage of the sides of the steps to add water conductive elements.

The water distribution system must be well planned.

13 – Fountain with sculpture

Having an elastic budget for your fountain, the tip is to invest in a beautiful sculpture to create the waterfall point in your garden.

To choose a suitable piece, it is interesting to ask for the help of a professional.

14 – Waterfall-style water fountain

One of the most successful models among water fountain projects is certainly the one that creates a waterfall look. One way to achieve this effect is to have the water flow into a pool or lake.

15 – Fountain with stone path

For those who have a good space in their garden, it can be nice to work with the idea of ​​a waterfall created from the junction of stones. The idea is simple, but it demands dedication to be carried out, as long as stones are piled up on the edge of a lake or pool.

What do you use water fountains to decorate your garden?