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15 Good Combination Plum Color Ideas in Interior Decor

The delicate and modern plum color invites you into the interior decoration to make it noble. Plum blossom is a symbol of romanticism, it is a dark color, which is always surprising. The plum color is particularly appreciated for the comfortable atmosphere it creates, and it is the flagship color in winter. However, use it wisely and it can complement the decoration well even in the hot season.

Plum color? What is this about?

1- Plum color palette shade

“Plum” is the color name derived from the mixture of eggplant and rose. Therefore, plum color combines the energy of red with the soothing charm of blue. The resulting tones are so rich and deep that they can’t be resisted! In view of its complex characteristics, color has great explanatory potential. For everyone’s own plum-it seems reasonable, because everyone interprets the color in a different way. According to some colors that are determined to be coquettish, according to others, colors that are determined to be greedy. The rather rich “plum” palette makes colors a great choice for any room. Not surprisingly, we have adopted it in the bedroom, dining room and even the living room. Of course, it must be used carefully to avoid overloading the interior decoration.

2- Color plum curtain plum paint effect concrete waxing sofa green

The essence of plum color is both mysterious and calm. It is particularly suitable for decorating spaces that require reflection and relaxation. In addition to plum blossom wall paint that can create a comfortable and noble atmosphere, plum blossom can also climb onto furniture. There is nothing as noble as the plum blossom sofa in the living room, which can make the decoration smoothly completed!

How to link plum color with successful coherent decoration?

3- Plum color bottom wall wood products plum sofa olive green

Although the color of some plums comes from a mixture of blue and red, some plums have a color between eggplant and pink. It is this complexity that makes it difficult to associate colors with other colors. However, there are some rules that can help us avoid bad tastes! So let’s start with the materials! In order to highlight the exotic flavor of plum color, you can associate it with exotic wood species. These woods will know how to emphasize the richness, depth and nobility of colors, but in a refined and elegant way.

4- Plum color wall plum modern console platinum

The plum color is perfectly matched with other iconic materials of modern interior decoration-aluminum and waxed concrete. Such a marriage is the definite value of noble decoration with unique personality! Combine colors with lacquered white modern furniture-this idea will help you give designers a look in terms of layout. On the other hand, if you want to add color to the space and add vitality to the decoration, dare to combine plums with fuchsia, red or orange.

5- Plum color plum mural home office decoration

Facts have proved that plum color is an excellent choice for achieving noble and timeless decoration. In order to bring charm to the space, combining plums with black and gold seems to be a successful idea. The combination of plum blossom and white (and taupe) is always an excellent choice to inject some kind of noble element into the decoration, it will bring an elegant and frank chic character to the space.

6- Color plum sofa plum gray paint

Deep tones such as plums create an elegant and intimate atmosphere, creating the comfortable and reassuring atmosphere we need, especially in the cold. With excellent versatility, this color has a place in any interior decoration. Baroque universe, modern interior decoration, exotic or romantic decoration-plum color seems to be an ideal choice that complements any interior decoration style.

7- Plum color wall woodwork noble wall paint orange

Regarding the relationship between plum color and other colors, gray won the ranking. With its neutral and noble natural qualities, gray softens the plum’s character. Combined with gray tones, plum color will immediately create a more dynamic but harmonious and refined atmosphere. The superb contrast between gray (or taupe) furniture and plum decoration will remind you of a refined and luxurious lifestyle.

8- Plum color wall wood products furniture plum color

Although plum color has an undeniable aristocratic temperament, you must pay attention to the necessary matters so as not to overload the interior decoration. Relying on other colors that contrast with plums to soften it is good, but not enough. The interior decorator recommends only using plum color as a low-key decoration in the decoration. For example, you can bet on sofa cushions, curtains, carpets, checkered cloth, stool covers, vases, etc.

9- Color plum blossom adult bedroom accent wall painting plum blossom glass roof workshop

As mentioned earlier, plum color creates a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for decorating Zen bathrooms! Beautiful tiles or a few plum-colored towels are expected to bring an ideal atmosphere and make the bathroom a relaxing space.

10- Plum head bed plum noble Bordeaux orange adult bedroom decoration

Plum color is suitable for most colors. Respect the only rule for achieving coherent rendering is the correct choice of nuances. Different color associations will enable you to obtain original effects, even out of the ordinary, so as to give a certain personality to the decoration. Regardless of whether the plum color matches neutral, pastel or shimmering colors, the result will be truly original.

11- Plum color wall painting deep plum armchair olive green

After finding its place in violet, plum color best reflects its status in interior design. Therefore, this color should be used with caution, especially when it is used in combination with other shades of color. It is best used in coordination with neutral colors (such as gray, beige, and taupe) and timeless colors (such as black and white or pastels).

12- Plum color mural plum armchair petrol

Yes, the color of plums is very complicated. However, contemporary decoration is inseparable from this exquisite tone that evokes mystery and brings energy! By subtly combining it with modern materials and neutral colors, we will successfully tame its complex nature and create a decoration worthy of attention.

13- Plum color modern plum wall panel

As you must have noticed, for plum color, you must be careful not to darken the room. This is especially true when talking about plums used in murals. The decorative wall is perfect, but the overall appearance should be avoided at all costs. Successful contemporary decor means not to ignore brightness. Therefore, painting the plums on most walls will bring a dark and dull atmosphere. In order to avoid such undesirable effects, plum color paint must be used in combination with a lot of white, gray, green and other heavy accents.

14- Color plum toilet plum paint living room gray sofa sofa gray magenta

15- Color plum curtain plum noble paint taupe sofa white