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15+ Deco Scandicrafts 2021- We Completely Decrypt It!

Yes, the decorating trend once again surprised us! This summer, in addition to providing us with classic blue, raffia decorations and tropical plant patterns, they also showed us how to transform “outdated” goods into ultra-modern ones! Scandinavian style is known for its minimalist spirit and clean lines. After re-decoration, it is more beautiful than ever because of Scandinavian decoration. It is more flexible, luminous and whimsical than the Nordic ancestors, and it is not to be missed in modern interior design this year! Do you like the Nordic atmosphere, but since you can see it almost everywhere, you think it is outdated? Think again! We guarantee that you will easily fall in love with the new options of Nordic decoration. From A to Z, you need to know everything to conform to Scandinavian fashion, and you can’t go wrong!

1- Scandinavian decoration is somewhere between craftsmanship and Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style was reinvented, giving way to Scandinavian trends. As the name suggests, the ingenious fusion of Nordic spirit and exquisite craftsmanship, the new modern decoration style makes all fantasy not only warm but also illuminates the summer interior! More textures, more colors, more wood and natural materials, of course you can provide a lot. So what do these two styles have in common and what are the differences? To successfully invite the successor of Scandinavian-style decoration into your home, what nuances, materials and furniture should be paid attention to? We take inventory for you!

2- What are Scandicraft colors?

If light colors and soft shadows maintain a safe value to invite Scandinavian style into your home, bright and strong colors are also welcome. We keep beige and conservative white, but we also use sage green, sky blue, raspberry pink, camel, taupe, honey, o-stone and terracotta by achieving surprising combinations. The ideal approach is to use one of the dark colors on the wall to add relief and depth to the room. For balance, we choose soft and soft cushions and blankets.

3- Material and texture

Just like the Nordic atmosphere, wood and natural textures have also become the focus of Scandicraft style. Hongerie parquet floors, log shelves, exposed beams, mottled coffee tables, when you invite the most commonly used materials into modern interior decoration, you will be spoiled! However, in addition to wood, we also like other materials and natural materials, which are currently very popular, such as rattan, wicker, bamboo, rattan, seaweed and flax. Raffia decoration also has its place in scandicraft style. Decorating enthusiasts can also succumb to recycled and reused materials when choosing furniture and accessories. The heirs of contemporary Nordic style love hunting, restoring and refurbishing! Then why don’t you?

4- Antique and recycled furniture

Of course, Scandinavian furniture is more rustic and ethnic than the furniture chosen for Scandinavian style. Target? Create a lasting, authentic, and very unique decoration. With its concept of being ecologically responsible, the new style emphasizes recyclable furniture to give the overall character. Therefore, we replaced the famous Scandinavian sofa and white wooden table with a mottled model with strict lines. We will provide you with armchairs made of woven materials and accessories discovered in the flea market, or the unique interior and exquisite craftsmanship brought back from your last trip! In short, we prefer fluidity, replacing the Nordic-style straight and delicate lines with softer and smoother curves, letting ourselves indulge in madness and making the space more warm and pleasant.

5- Scandicraft accessories and decorative items

As far as decorations are concerned, there is no change. Candles, comfortable wool and cotton, soft cushions and sheepskin are still essential values ​​to ensure the success of Scandi’s exquisite craftsmanship. Just like its big Nordic brother, the latter keeps minimalism by keeping comfortable and cocoon-shaped accessories (such as straw baskets, Demi John type vases, lace hanging and the famous raffia sun mirror that we told you here) Ism. However, Scandinavian-style derivatives show more natural characteristics and become homes by using raw materials that are good for the interior and morale, dried flowers and hanging flowering plants.

6- Greening and its place in Scandicraft decoration

It is true that Scandicraft’s interior aims to achieve a minimalist style, but it has certain natural characteristics. It marks an important return to basic life in order to create living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms in places where life is good. In order to successfully complete the 100% Scandicraft decoration, we added small branches of vegetation with dried flowers, hanging plants, prairie grass and herbarium frame. There is nothing more rustic than the dried bouquet of Mrs. Diana or the beautiful vase on the bedside table in the bedroom. Dried flowers can easily find their place on the hanging bedside tables and consoles in the entrance hall, the shelves in the bathroom or the dining table in the kitchen that opens to the living room.

7- Simple decoration

Although light and soft colors are still safe values ​​using scandiartisanat style without any taste defects, we can also provide some felt strong fragrances, such as clay, dark green and all natural tones. Because, as already mentioned, Scandicraft invites the mother nature in the house to provide itself with the wind of freedom. Therefore, natural tones, wood and green plants have a place in all rooms of the house. If nature is attributed to wood, and the wood remains in place, then we will also see a large number of rattan, rope, bamboo and straw, which are all over furniture and decorations. As for the latter, comfortable candles and plaid fabrics made of natural materials are still the easiest way to inject some Scandicraft notes into your home.

8- Scandinavian Living Room

Use scandiartisanat decoration to provide an alternative look to your Scandinavian living room.

9- Outdoor Terraces

Life is full of beautiful outdoor terraces.

10- Natural Fibers

The blend of natural fibers creates a successful Scandicraft atmosphere.

11- Round lines and natural materials

Furniture with round lines and natural materials-Scandinavian style code name.

12- Understatement

Scandicraft style understatement.

13- Bathroom

Heather furniture, curved objects, greenery and bold tones in the bathroom.

14- Spirit of Minimalism

Just like Scandinavian style, Scandinavian crafts are seduced by the spirit of minimalism.

15- Kitchen

For the Scandinavian kitchen, we make ourselves more colorful and more chaotic.

16- Wooden Furiture

In the Scandinavian room, the furniture is wooden, but the tones are soft.