14 Small Room Decor Tips Not to Go Wrong+Beautiful Projects!

Houses and apartments with reduced spaces can be a problem if there is not a good organization and planning of these environments. The living room, for example, is a social environment that deserves great attention. So, we brought 14 tips for small room decoration for you to be inspired and let your small room decorated and functional.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that decorating small rooms requires careful choice of objects, furniture, flooring and space harmony.

Therefore, it is essential to think about the sofa for the small room, the armchair, the wallpaper for the small room and all the details that can bring harmony to the environment, aiming at the functionality, ergonomics and beauty of a living room small.

Considering these main concerns for those who have a small room, let’s go to decorating tips:

1- Use colorful decorative objects

Small room decor with gray sofa and pillows, pictures and side table

For this tip to work, it’s interesting to leave the environment in a neutral tone, such as white, gray, fendi and beige. This will make the decorating process much easier.

The personality of your room can be applied to decorative objects, which can gain stronger colors, prints and more striking elements. But it is important to think about the balance so as not to overload the environment.

2- Make a design for the layout of the furniture

Small room decor with sofa and coffee table and light rail

Small living room decoration with customized furniture and TV panel with LED lighting

In small rooms, the challenge is to place the necessary furniture without compromising circulation. Therefore, the ideal is to do this project with someone who understands the subject. But if you don’t want to spend on a professional project, draw several configurations on paper so that your room has the best use of space.

Another really cool idea is to use software or websites that allow you to make simple plants. So you can visualize the best arrangement of furniture for your room.

3. Use light colors to give more breadth

Room decor with white rack and plant

Even with colored elements, use light colors to bring more amplitude to your room. The white, gray and beige are great colors to let the much wider environment. In addition to being classic colors, which match all types of decor.

4- Take advantage of the spaces on the walls of the small room

Living room decor with hanging rack and pastel shades

Another very interesting tip for small rooms is to take advantage of the spaces on the walls to decorate or use for some functionality.

The television wall, for example, may have floor-to-ceiling niches or shelves to take advantage of all the available spaces. Making a planned furniture for the living room will help you to optimize space and organize the house in a very smart way.

5- Use a coffee table or narrow side table in your living room

Gray room decor

If there is room for the coffee table and you need to include this piece of furniture in your living room, then opt for a slim model , which does not compromise circulation in your room.

6- Use a narrow sofa in the small room

Small room with sofa, armchair, rack, rug and plants

In very small and narrow rooms, the ideal is to choose a sofa that adapts well to the environment. The best models are the narrowest and lowest sofas, as they provide greater space for the living room and facilitate circulation.

7- Bet on wallpaper to decorate the room

Wallpaper is a very decorative element that does not take up space and, depending on the model chosen, can make the room much larger. For a small room decoration, the ideal is to opt for a pattern in a neutral and light tone.

8- Make a minimalist small room decor

Another really cool idea that has been widely explored, even in large and luxurious environments, is the minimalist decoration. For smaller rooms the minimalist decor is a great option because it allows you to optimize the space available and include only the items that are important to the environment.

Although minimalism is a way of life, you can adapt this style to your room’s decor, facilitating the organization of everyday objects and making your room much more clean.

9- Use mirrors to give room to the environment

Light colors help in the spaciousness of the environment, as well as mirrors , which are simple objects that can make your room visually larger. For good amplitude, bet on an entire wall of mirror.

If that’s not possible, place a nice mirror with one above the sofa or in another strategic location in your living room. Another cool idea with a mirror is to bet on mirrored furniture. This will also bring breadth to the small room.

10- Arrange the furniture in an L for a better arrangement

A great way to organize the furniture in your small room is to bet on the L layout, which consists of using two walls in your room to form an L with the furniture, in order to facilitate circulation within the room.

This method also makes it possible to use the corners of the room, making better use of each space in this environment.

11- Bet on good natural lighting

If there’s something that makes a big difference in the decor of a small room, it’s natural light. Let the light enter the room and gain amplitude within this environment. Natural light is a great ally to make the environment bigger and much more beautiful, so bet on good lighting.

12- Use a modern small room decor

There are several decorative styles you can use in a small room, but the modern style can make your room look bigger. This style is characterized by the use of straight lines, uniform textures, geographic elements and standardization.

When the environment follows a certain pattern, there is a perception that it is more organized, planned and this makes the room seem bigger than it actually is.

13- Use organizers in small room decor

This is a decoration and organization tip at the same time. In a small room, it is very important that the environment is very well organized.

Therefore, count on organizers to store objects that leave the room with a disorganized appearance, such as TV, air conditioning and sound system controls , magazines , cables used in electronic equipment, among others.

14- Use suspended rack with puffs

Take the opportunity to use colors that match the room’s layout

The suspended rack helps expand the space as it creates an amplified floor feel. In addition, the puffs attached have been used a lot , which helps you when receiving visits. A decorative and functional object !

Did you see just how many cool tips for decorating a small room?

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