Kitchen Design

14 Open Kitchen to Contemporary Italian Design Living Room

The era of traditional cooking separated from the dining room and living room has passed. Soon she will pass completely. In the age of social networks, open living spaces can promote greater interaction between family members, which is a very logical evolutionary step. We are happy to show the open kitchen to Scavolini ‘s Motus living room, which establishes a symbiotic and organic connection between the two rooms.

1- Open kitchen living room wood gray yellow Italian design

Welcome to the world of futuristic and modern design kitchens, which are a natural extension of the residential area.

2- The kitchen opens to the living room, with a low TV cabinet

Open kitchen living room low TV modern design

The Motus open kitchen was designed by Vittore Niolu, providing consumers with endless choices. Each kitchen is specially designed to meet your specific needs, and you can add individual components (such as shelves and cabinets) to ensure that the final result best suits your lifestyle. As can be clearly seen from the above photo, the Motus kitchen is not a problem of storage space. Thanks to the vibrant and stylish design, it complements the modern city houses, and the interval between the two rooms is slightly blurred.

3- Anthracite grey kitchen leading to the living and dining room

Open kitchen-dining room-cabinets-anthracite

Important details, such as color range and door design without handles, help create an elegant environment in which the kitchen leading to the living room shows its beauty in an unparalleled way. Finally, the two spaces merge with each other so that it is difficult to distinguish them. A true gem of modern interior design!

4- Semi-open kitchen

Semi-open corner kitchen with island and lunch counter and open corner kitchen living room white anthracite cabinet.

5- Open-plan living room kitchen

Open-plan living room kitchen with taupe and high gloss white cabinets and open to beige and white design modern living room kitchen.

6- Italian Modern Design


The kitchen leads to an Italian modern design restaurant and open kitchen, living room-dining room with lunch counter.

7- Semi open kitchen living room island bar shelf separation

Semi-open kitchen: an island with a lunch counter and a divider shelf next to it.

8- Living room, dining room and functional kitchen are three in one!

Three in one modern Italian design kitchen and dining living room.

9- The future is simple design in open space

Kitchen-island-style lunch counter open to graphic living room.

10- Contemporary dark kitchen in the Diesel Society Kitchen series

The kitchen opens to the living room-range hood and round black sideboard with yellow diesel social kitchen.

11- Part of the Foodshef collection, modern wooden and white kitchen

Kitchen open to living room with wooden white bar breakfast and white chair food rack.

12- Green and gray kitchen with white countertops

Open kitchen living room with cabinet wood and white bar breakfast, parquet diesel social kitchen.

13- The kitchen opens to the living room and is in black, white and wood

Kitchen open to living room white cabinet wood and breakfast bar, black bar stool and diesel social kitchen.

14- Friendly kitchen of the FEEL series

Open-plan living room kitchen with cabinets and white broken, parquet floor V-shaped.