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13 Most useful Bed Set Ideas For Impeccable Decor

Change the decor in your room cost-effectively and without having to renovate. Cama posta has become a trend in recent years, especially on social networks, where several accounts have emerged that speak only about the subject. A simple habit in most homes, it has become a hobby for many people. A bed set is nothing more than making the bed, but in a well decorated and thought out way so that each element matches each other.

In other words, everything is carefully thought out, from the comforter’s color and style, to the pillows that will make up the bed. It is not just a bed arrangement, as it is designed so that the style of the bed set matches the rest of the elements in the room. With that, it is also considered a basic item of decoration of a room. It is possible to change the look of the room without going into a renovation and save money.

1- What do you need for a bed set?

After all, how can I assemble my bed set and what are the essential items for this task? Find out below everything that is needed for the bed set.

2- Blanket set

The first item needed is a sheet set, that is, the bottom sheet as well as the cover sheet. In this case, most people who like bed laid, bet on sheets with neutral tones, ranging from white, black and gray. Generally no prints so this game matches all the decor styles that will go above.

3- Duvet and bedspread

In addition to protecting you from the cold and keeping you warm at night, the duvet is an important item for your bed set. The ideal is to have at least two different ones. Because while one is washing, the other will be composing the look of the room. They don’t have to be the same, but they do need to match the rest of the room’s decor. Therefore, whenever buying a comforter or bedspread, think of all the other objects that will make up your bed set.

4- Blanket

It is also an item to keep you warm and essential for your bed to look amazing. Just like the sheet, the blanket is always used in a neutral tone, so that it matches the other items you will put on your bed. It is not necessary to buy several, just one will make all the difference in the look. Therefore, bet on a tone that matches the variations of the other pieces you will use.

5- Pillowcase

The pillowcase comes with the sheet or comforter set, but it’s always good to have several reserves. The ideal is to have at least three sets of pillowcases, as it is in direct contact with our face, it needs to be changed much more often than the duvet. But buy with designs and styles that match the variations of the other elements, so that you always have a harmonic bed set.

6- Pillows

In addition to being essential for sleeping, it is also essential for your bed set. If possible, buy decorative pillows and keep your sleeping one in your closet. Over time, the pillow starts to get markings, depending on how the person sleeps, and this brings a clumsy look to the room. So, as mentioned, if possible, invest in a decorative one.

7- Cushions

A decor item that will change the look of your room. It doesn’t have to be several pillows, just one is enough for the bed to be laid. If you only have one, invest in covers for your pillow, so you will have multiple looks using just one item. But of course, if you can, invest in different formats that match the look of your room.

Now that you’ve figured out how to assemble your bed set, below we’ll show you some amazing ideas for you to get inspired and copy there at home.

8- Bed set for double bedroom

For the double room, the ideal is to agree on the personal taste of each one and see what will match the two personalities. For this reason, in a double room, the bed is always composed of neutral and unisex tones, such as black, white and earth tones.

9- Bed set for female room

If you don’t need to share your room with anyone, the color of the bed in your room can be whatever shade you like. In other words, use your creativity to create a beautiful, but clear look, always taking into account other elements of the room. Thus, the tones can be as diverse as possible, such as pink, blue, lilac or even neutral tones, if you prefer. If you’re out of ideas for your feminine bed set.

10- Single bed

If your bed is a single bed and you’re out of ideas, don’t worry, this topic is for you. In this case, the bed made up is made equal to the double bed. Choose the elements you like the most and the tones that match the rest of your bedroom decor. If you share a room with someone, your bed set can match the other single bed that is in the same room.

11- For shared room

12- Blue decor ideas

Blue is a unisex shade and that is why it is so chosen for bed laid. Whether male or female, abuse the shades, baby blue, navy blue and others. And of course, always remember to combine with other elements of the room so that the decoration is harmonious.

13- Gray bed linen

Another color idea for a bed set is grey. Like blue and other colors mentioned above, gray is unisex and that is why it is so popular. But unlike the other shades, being neutral, the combination is easier. In other words, gray matches almost every color, whether it’s a bright red or a pink.