Kids Room Design

13 ‘low Cost’ Decor Ideas for Kid’s Room

Creating a little paradise for the little ones in the house doesn’t have to be too expensive. With a little skill, the right materials and a lot of love, you can create very cool things that turn your room into your little temple. Cushions in the shape of leaves, fabric teepees or circuits on Ikea tables. Look at these 13 ideas to get original children’s rooms without scratching your pocket too much.

1- Modular shelving

One of the things that cannot be missing when it comes to decor children’s rooms is a good storage space to organize stories or toys. A modular bookcase like this one, made with basic wooden boxes, can be a good, beautiful and practical solution. The idea is to create a structure with horizontal storage space, which leaves the toys within reach. Using wooden boxes also allows you to configure the furniture to measure and adapt it to the space in which it will be used, as in this case.

2- Idea to organize stories in a children’s room

Another idea so that the little ones always have the story they want to read at hand. This organizer is made with wooden boards, four legs and some decorative paper to add a special touch to your interior.

3- Toy store with boxes

Another really cool idea with wooden boxes. How about this little home market stall? The basic structure is very simple: four wooden boxes joined together, two long slats and a rope with flags. From there, a lot of possibilities to personalize it and add all kinds of accessories. With one more wooden box and four wheels, for example, a miniature shopping cart could be made to park next to the stall.

4- Tree shaped shelf

Who doesn’t want to have a tree in their room? This shelf that we have found on the web I Spy Diy -and that is for sale on Amazon- is a good example that making fun furniture is possible. Although in this case it can be purchased, our proposal is that you do it at home and personalize it however you want. You will need, yes, a jigsaw capable of cutting at an angle to make the branches.

5- Giant leaf-shaped cushion

The perfect complement to the branch shelf is this giant cushion inspired by the Monstera or Adam’s Rib, a very super popular plant. This XXL cushion, which we found on the Paper & Stitch website, is made with a little fabric and a very soft polyester fiber filling, so that you can lie on it to read.

6- Wooden seesaw

The Benefits of Wooden Toys and the Environment – Woodsprout Toys

Making a seesaw like this may not be the simplest project, but the result is well worth it. You don’t need many materials, just a little wood, paint, white glue and some nails. What you will need is patience: there are quite a few pieces of wood and the process requires a bit of skill with the jigsaw. If you want to do it, you can also see the video of it step by step. Tell us if you dare with this challenge!

7- Teepee with colored fabrics

It could not be missed! Add an adventurous touch to the room by building a homemade teepee out of cool fabrics and wooden slats. It touches to sew a little, but surely they will thank you. The teepees or forts are a classic in the decoration of children’s rooms.

8- Letters to decorate children’s rooms

At Handfie we love letters to decorate the wall and we have made a lot of versions: porex letters, wooden letters, with pompoms, with thread… we have already signed up this version. Letters decorated with story sheets! Perfect for decorating a reading corner.

9- Homemade sensory light table

How to Make a DIY Light Table - Your Kids Will Love It! - YouTube

Sensory nightstands are a fun way to stimulate the senses of little ones, offering them a space in which they can experiment with a lot of materials. On them they can draw, play with sand, with vegetables, with letters….

Making one like this is not too complicated. This is made with wooden slats to make the structure, a methacrylate sheet for the screen and a led strip inside. Be careful step by step!

10- Drawings to decorate children’s rooms

If you have little artists, they will need a place to exhibit their creations. Be careful with this idea, super easy and perfect to personalize one of the walls of your room. Several pieces of string, some brads, miniature clothespins and hang up your drawings!

11- Toy car organizer

Do you like cars? This is a fun way to keep them well organized and always at hand. For this idea, they have used the typical metal magnetic strips that are used in the kitchen to put the knives, which they have fixed to the wall of a children’s room.

12- Circuit for toy cars

Toy cars need a suitable circuit to be able to circulate. What do you think of this? It is original and… low cost ! It is made from an Ikea Lack table, which does not exceed € 10, and a multi-surface paint from the V33 brand capable of painting directly on melamine, the Easy Deco. It takes a bit of brush dexterity, especially to make the details like signs or trees, but nothing too complicated.

13- Homemade star-shaped lamp

Ceramic Star Lamp

Last idea!  This homemade star-shaped lamp, made with plywood and greaseproof paper. It is one of our favorite projects.