Hallway Decor

13 Hallway Decor Ideas Know How to Make and Which Items to Use

The right hallway decor can transform your home style with minimal effort.

Every corner of our home must be valued and planned with care. The rule applies even to that area that ends up being forgotten when designing the perfect decoration: the corridors.

As it is a place with no defined function, it can go unnoticed by both residents and visitors, but wouldn’t it be much nicer to receive many compliments on the excellent taste dedicated to this space?

With simple items, it’s possible to redesign this area thoroughly, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you in today’s post. Get inspired! 

One corner, many possibilities

An excellent way to start the transformation is by defining the “theme” you will follow. And we’re not talking about Harry Potter or Friends, huh?

Keep in mind what kind of environment you would like to create there; it can even be that corner of the café that has no space left in the kitchen – the important thing is to establish the functionality that the area will have from then on.

Hallways at the house entrance can serve to store items that come from the street, such as shoes, bags, keys, etc., while those leading to the rooms can have a more intimate atmosphere, with photos and travel souvenirs.

From there, you start to polish the look of the place and know ​​what you’ll want and need to make the project happen.

Then it’s time to choose the main items:

1- Sideboard

A sideboard is ideal for decorating a narrow aisle, as the cabinet has a shallower depth. Despite that, it’s great to support decorative objects or items that will make up your “theme” – coffee machine, flower vase, bowl for keys…

2- Bookcase

The bookcase is perfect for those who want a little literary corner, and it can be suspended to leave free space underneath. But of course, it doesn’t have to be limited to just books! If you want, have travel souvenirs, action figures, a collection, or whatever else you like.

3- Bank with shoe rack

When you arrive from the street, you don’t want to take all the dirt into the house.

So take advantage of your hallway space to put a bench with a built-in shoe rack. In addition to providing a seat, you facilitate the organization of pairs of those who live in the house and those who visit.

4- Coat rack

And, of course, it’s essential to have quick support near the front door.

In this case, there’s nothing better than a coat rack: it can be fixed to the wall or tower-like, with several hooks.

That way, bags, coats, and assorted accessories will always have the right place.

Ah! When choosing the pieces, give preference to wooden items, as this material transmits warmth and makes the corner more receptive.

Accessories that make a difference

The beauty is in the details, and they have a significant influence on the aesthetics of any room. But in the hallways, they must stand out!

Some of the best options for adding them to your hallway decor are:

5- Colored in minutes

For a quick change, but the brush aside and bet on a wallpaper.

Warm colors, which convey a feeling of warmth and receptivity, are the best option.

6- Mirrors are always welcome

Known for offering a sense of spaciousness, mirrors are also super stylish components. Invest in different, elegant frames made with nobler materials – no mistake!

7- Headboard outside the bedroom?

Yes, headboards!

They are very versatile accessories and don’t need to be limited to just the bedroom.

Using it to compose the hallway decoration is not only a great advantage. It is also a creative way to position the piece.

Next to a bench or sideboard, it creates a complete and tastefully furnished area.

8- Functional supports

There’s nothing more versatile and full of usability than a well-placed shelf or niche.

By being attached to the wall, they save precious space and can accommodate the most diverse items – if the aisle is small for a bookcase, they can take the place of support for books, even more, if the shelf is in the channel model.

In addition, potted plants, photos, and souvenirs are also welcome.

9- Pictures and Frames

Picture frames are the best solution to give a more intimate atmosphere or decorate in a personal way.

Spreading memories and special moments through photographs will not only help you to live your days lighter, but it will also make your house look beautiful and feel like home.

On the other hand, the paintings help bring your personality to the space: they can have movie illustrations, landscapes, colors, phrases, abstract paintings… Everyone will love to know a little more about your tastes.

10- Carpets bring warmth

Treadmills are those longer and narrower rugs, that is, perfect for runners!

Indicated to complement the color palette and help welcome visitors with great elegance, it also creates a more comfortable and warm decor.

11- Lighting Hallway Decor

Speaking of warmth, lighting is an indispensable part of any room. But in this corner, she has room to shine – got the pun?

Pendants, sconces, floor lamps, and, if you’re the more daring type, light poles are capable of creating beautiful compositions with the other objects that are nearby. Just use and abuse your creativity.

There is no lack of options to make your hallway decor impeccable, primarily when you know you can rely on us to bring you inspiration, right?

Now it’s time to gather the family and start transforming your space!