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13 Flowers That Have Been Preserved to Beautify Your Home All Year

Perhaps the first thing you think of when you read “preserved flowers” is dried flowers. Although they may seem the same, they are not. Who doesn’t like flowers? They are beautiful, elegant and bring life and color wherever you put them. The negative part? That they are very ephemeral. That is why we love preserved flowers or “eternal flowers”, as they are a fantastic option to decorate your home without having to worry about their maintenance. Shall we tell you more?

Preserved flower bouquet

1- What are preserved flowers?

Are they the same as dried flowers? No! The main difference between them is the treatment they are subjected to. Dried flowers are simply flowers that are allowed to dry until they lose all their water. On the other hand, the preserved flowers are collected at the best moment of their flowering and, after being cut, they undergo a dehydration process in which the water and sap are replaced by a preservative liquid that ensures that they maintain their appearance almost intact. So intact that on many occasions they can be mistaken for natural flowers.

2- Advantages of preserved flowers

  • Long-lived. Unlike natural flowers that take just a few days to wilt, preserved flowers can last up to 5 years without showing signs of wilting.
  • Decorative . Thanks to the treatment to which they are subjected, they retain almost all the characteristics of natural flowers, even the smell at times! In addition, they can be tinted, which makes them retain their original colors even more intensely than naturally.
  • Minimal maintenance. Natural flowers are not only ephemeral, but they are also very delicate and require a lot of attention to keep them in good condition. By contrast, preserved flowers require minimal maintenance: remember to dust every now and then, and that’s it! More comfortable and simple impossible.
  • Price. Flowers are not exactly cheap decorative objects, and if you have to replace them every so often to keep the look fresh and natural, even less so. Therefore, investing in a bouquet or a crown of preserved flowers, in the long run, is much cheaper and saves you from having to think about renovating them.
  • They are not toxic to humans or animals, so you can put them at home without any worries.

Ideas with preserved flowers that we love

3- Ocher tones

Flowers in toasted and ocher tones

Without a doubt one of the winning combinations to decorate your living room or bedroom. White, tan and ocher in a bouquet of preserved flowers with ears of oats, wheat and eucalyptus leaves. We are completely in love with this combination, what do you think?

4- Green and simple

You can play it safe and go for a simple flower bouquet like this one from Echinops Latifoliu. If you don’t like it on its own, you can use it to complement a more complex flower arrangement. In its simplicity, it seems super pretty to us.

5- Pastel ranges

Bouquet of preserved flowers in pastel tones

Pinks, creams, blues… we love pastel colors to decorate. They are delicate, romantic and go very well with neutral colors. This one in particular is a bouquet made up of lavender, hydrangeas and rice flower. It is perfect for decorating at home and even for a bridal bouquet!

6- Preserved flower baskets

Not all flowers have to be in vases, and this is proof of that. We love combining preserved flowers like this lavender bouquet with wicker or rope baskets. It gives it a beautiful rustic touch that can look great in the dining room, kitchen, and even the bathroom!

7- Crown format

Are you also a fan of flower crowns? They are very fashionable to decorate doors, walls, cabinets … but we do not forget that we can also wear them! With a crown of flowers preserved in colors as beautiful as this one, you will feel like you came out of the House on the Prairie.

8- Monochrome bouquets

Bouquet of yellow preserved flowers

Sometimes you don’t have to complicate your life much to make the flowers stand out and be the perfect complement to your spaces. A bouquet like this with such an intense and bright color is all you need to put the accent of color you are looking for. We certainly love it.

9- Look for the contrast

Bouquet of lavender and wild flowers

Yes, we admit it, we are absolute fans of lavender. Of that, and of the original combinations. We love how the yellow of the wildflowers contrasts with the deep purple of the lavender and we find it a beautiful combination. What do you think?

10- Bet on intensity

Bouquet of brightly colored preserved flowers

Anyone would say they are not fresh flowers! If you want a good helping of light and vibrant color in your home, this combination is simply perfect. The colors combine great and, of course, nothing goes unnoticed. It is one of our favorite bouquets, we recognize it. We would put it everywhere!

11- A wild touch

Bouquet of preserved wild flowers

Who says no to a bouquet of wildflowers? When the countryside doesn’t catch you close to home, you always have the option of getting a bouquet of preserved flowers to put that note of nature and romance in your home.

12- Minimalism: a sure hit

Bouquet of white flowers

Simple white flowers. Many times you do not need large arrangements or compositions. The “less is more” taken to the floral terrain could perfectly materialize in a bouquet like this:

13- Caring for preserved flowers

Flowers that do not require watering, pruning, fertilizers … what a dream! Of course, that they have very little maintenance does not mean that you do not have to pay them some attention. These are our tips for you to take care of your preserved flowers:

  • Do not expose them for a long time or direct to the sun to avoid deterioration.
  • They are not very friendly to humidity, so make sure they are in cool and relatively dry places.
  • It is not a very good idea to put them outdoors because they suffer the risk of spoiling in the open, so better use them only indoors.
  • Avoid touching them too much, and when you do, be very careful not to crush and damage leaves and petals.
  • Do not water or wet them. Not only do they not need it, it can spoil them too! So leave them as they are.
  • Dust regularly to keep them looking fresh and healthy.

Did you know what preserved flowers were? Have you ever put them at home? If natural plants and flowers are definitely not your thing, you can also take a look at this post on how to decorate with artificial plants. Tell us in the comments how you plan to decorate your home with these ideas!