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13 Contemporary Fabrics for Upholstery Fashion Trends

This will be a year to experiment with prints and patterns. We’re going to see an increase in eclectic interiors that show a clear willingness to make bold statements with prints and texture. Below you will see modern upholstery fabrics, with patterns that are trending. In interior decoration 2022, we are going to move away from using only color and a single pattern, but we will see the use of mixtures and contrast of paisleys, geometric  figures, florals and stripes. All of them incorporated by virtue of achieving a space of great visual impact, full of textures, colors and figures that will capture the attention.

1- Chevrons

This is the name given to the pattern of zig zag stripes that are drawing the figure that we see on the carpet in the image below. Far from being a new trend, it has simply gained momentum in recent years.

2- Tribal patterns

The intricate designs of the tribal prints have an ethnic origin that covers a good part of the globe, since despite being all very similar, each one was created by ancient civilizations on almost every continent. They will even be used in combination with each other, as in the parchwork quilt.

3- Botanical prints and large flowers

And we say botanicals, because they will include more plants themselves, and not just flowers, as had happened in past seasons. They are ideal for wallpaper, bedding, cushions and many other accessories.

4- Checkered print

Checkered prints are one of the classics that never go out of style, and this year, they will also be used, a retro or vintage fashion that can be used in many decoration styles. If you like plaid, there are some nice ways to add it to your décor.

In this rug, for example, we see a discreet, balanced and simple pattern, ideal for use in curtains or fabrics to upholster armchairs.

Checkered curtains can add a lot of elegance to a room.

Lamps are the easiest way to incorporate this pattern.

Or at the head of the bed.

5- Animal Print

Far from encouraging the use of fur, precisely the animal print tries to transform its image betting on synthetic fabrics that use the same designs, but that do not cost the life of any type of animal.

6- Quatrefoil

This is how this pattern is called, ideal for all rooms. Originating from medieval European culture, it has its deepest roots in Ireland. It is inspired by the 4-leaf clovers, in Europe it was believed that these clovers gave good luck.

7- Stripes

Another classic that never dies, stripes can also be used in all kinds of decoration.

If you want something with a navy inclination, or more coastal airs, then this striped pattern in intense blue and white will be the best option to decorate your home. The curtains, cushions, shower curtain and other accessories can be the ideal ones to apply it.

8- Aubusson

The Aubusson style refers to embroidery and special tapestries that were made by the Aubusson factory in France in the French Renaissance period, gaining great notoriety in the world of decoration and that today are finding a space in homes again.

The difference with contemporary cushions or others that are used today, is clear. Intricate designs are usually stamped on the cushions that follow this trend, being accompanied by handmade embroidery with Victorian designs, decorated with borders and tassels of the most varied textures.

It is a style that in itself was always accompanied by Victorian or eclectic styles, although today it is being combined with modern, minimalist and industrial trends, such as steampunk, as a way to achieve Shabby Chic style combinations.

Among the models that we are looking at, the mosaics, florals, plants, birds, combinations of various patterns, Arabic type and several of animals stand out. All of them go perfectly with armchairs or bedding in earth tones, or colors with personality, such as a dark red or a French blue.

9- Fabrics in decoration

A very simple resource that with a little ingenuity will make your spaces look totally great, is the decoration with fabrics. You can add a touch of style to your rooms by using this easy-to-find and inexpensive element.

A fabric with a pattern of your taste could highlight a room that went completely unnoticed, making it more welcoming and comfortable. It is an element that can be seen very well in wall decorations, cushions, curtains or decorating many other items. Here are some ideas that can be used to guide you in decorating a more harmonious and beautiful home to inhabit.

10- In the bedroom

A headboard always gives structure and focus to a room. You can make a padded headboard, lined in an embroidered fabric or in a pattern and color of your choice.

Adding some interest to your bedroom with a bed cover or skirt, in an interesting patterned or textured fabric. Embroidered fabrics are classics to enhance texture and add color to what could be a simple space.

11- Cushions

Cushions or pillows are a quick and easy solution to adding flavor to a space. Embroidered fabrics come in many shades and patterns that help create the perfect texture for a pillowcase that will bring your interiors to life.

12- Curtains

Consider embroidered fabrics for curtains or blinds. If you’ve wondered about adding a focal point to a room, but don’t want to splurge on new furniture, consider installing modern patterned blinds or curtains. Try to choose a large model that will catch the eye of the visitor, by creating contrasts.

13- Upholstered

Adding an accent to a room with furniture upholstery fabrics is a great idea. Whether it’s a chair, a sofa, or a piece of furniture, upholstering it with a pretty fabric can add just the right ingredient to a room that lacked style. Velvet is one of the fabrics that is trending today.