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13 Artificial Plants to Put in Every Room of the House

In this article we are going to see where to place artificial plants to decorate each room in your house. And what types of plants and colors are best for each space, such as the dining room, bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedrooms. At the end I leave you a selection of the best artificial plants that you can buy on Amazon, so that by following this guide you can decorate your house as well as in the following photos.

1- Placing artificial plants outside

Artificial plants outside are welcoming if they are at the door of the house and they produce a feeling of joy and nature if we have them in the garden or on the terrace.

Hanging plants are ideal to place next to entrance doors, your house will look elegant and with personality. They are like welcoming guests with open arms, so they better be colorful to bring life to the entryway or windows.

2- Place artificial plants in the dining room or living room

Look for centerpieces that impress, that fill the dining room with life, combining different colors if it is flowers. Dining rooms and living rooms are usually large, you can place medium-sized artificial trees , large plants and hanging plants, they will give a very natural appearance to the room.

3- Placing artificial plants in the bathroom

Artificial plants in the bathroom can look great in a corner, on a small bathroom cabinet, or on a shelf. The green and violet combine very environments with bathroom, and if you have room you can place large dark green foliage plants to give exuberance and sense of being in nature. The bonsais are also perfect for a bathroom to the bring a touch of serenity.

4- Placing artificial plants in the kitchen

They are the perfect solution for the kitchen if you want to decorate it with plants, since they are humid rooms, with changes in temperature, vapors, odors, etc. You can place them where you have space and they look great if you integrate them with everyday objects.

5- Placing artificial plants in the bedroom

In this environment, artificial plants are also a good option, since doctors advise against having natural plants in the room. Cacti give a sense of sophistication, place them on the nightstand, by the window or in a mirror.

6- How to decorate the house with artificial plants

Decorating with artificial plants is a perfect alternative if we don’t have the time or desire to take care of natural plants. Plants and flowers give life to any environment, with them we get vitality and color in rooms that can be cold.

A plant or flower can be the solution to an empty corner , such as the coffee table, a corner of the room or the window ledge.

Many people do not like to decorate with artificial plants because they think that they do not look good or that they look too fake, but nowadays they are so well imitated that some of us even have to touch them to know if they are natural or artificial.

When you go to offices or hotels, go to the plants, you will see that the vast majority are artificial, but we don’t even realize it.

7- Advantages of decorating with artificial plants

Unlike natural plants, artificial plants do not attract insects, we do not have to water them so we do not get water on the ground, they do not need any type of care or light, we can save them and replace them whenever we want, they do not wilt, they are always kept as the first day and do not cause allergies.

8- Disadvantages of decorating with artificial plants

Dust can accumulate and dirt can adhere if they are near a window, therefore they require regular cleaning, they do not smell and if they are not of a certain quality they can seem too artificial.

Types of artificial plants to decorate

9. Cacti and succulents

Decorate with cacti and artificial succulents

They are easy to reproduce due to their simple stems, basic and simple shapes. Cacti and succulents are one of the best options to decorate with artificial plants, because of how realistic they are and because they are very pleasing to the eye.

10. Artificial potted trees

Decorating your home with potted artificial trees

There is a great variety of artificial trees, palms, hedges, ferns, ivy, etc. There are small and large ones, although the big ones may appear less real as the details are better seen. Make sure it looks real, the first impression will help you decide.

11. Bonsais

Decorate a house with artificial bonsai

We can also find high quality artificial bonsai, but its price is high. They have the great advantage of maintenance, as they are so delicate that natural ones last a short time if they are not cared for by expert hands.

12. Hanging plants

Hanging Artificial Plant Bouquets

Artificial hanging plants are another of the most used resources because it is impossible to decorate with natural plants indoors in the same way. The earth, having to water them and the lack of light make artificial ones excellent to decorate with.

13. Artificial plant terrariums

Artificial plant terrarium to decorate

Plant terrariums are becoming increasingly fashionable because of how spectacular they can be. You can create miniature worlds and put them as centerpieces.