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12 Ways to Create Your Own DIY Mirrors

Basic mirrors? No thanks. You can enhance them with all kinds of materials and make them the protagonists of your decoration. Cork, rope, artificial leaves, mosaics… there are a lot of options. Watch out for these 12 ideas to decorate mirrors

1- Mirror decorated with leaves

Mirror decorated with a garland of leaves

Do you have a round mirror hanging on any of the walls of your house? Be careful with this idea. With some artificial decorative leaves, you can form a decorative garland and transform it completely. You just have to glue the garland to the wall behind the mirror, or fix it to the back of it. Spectacular!

2- Mirror with message

Mirror decorated with letters

A very cool way to decorate mirrors is to include a special or funny message, as in this example that we found on the Studio DIY website -which, by the way, has very cool tutorials-. To personalize this round mirror they have used a black adhesive vinyl, with which they have formed a phrase from the movie Mean Girls. If you dare, you can write your own freehand message with some multi-material paint.

3- How to decorate a mirror with cork

Check out the videos online with a hex mirror, cork, and some spray paint. What do you think about the change?

4- Mirror with wooden slats

Homemade rectangular mirror

A great illustration of how you can completely transform a basic rectangular mirror, the kind that you can buy in stores like Ikea for very little money. In this case, they have placed it between two basic wooden slats, which they have painted in a coral shade with spray paint to create a cool standing mirror. To insert the mirror between the slats, they have made two grooves with a router, securing afterwards with a little adhesive.

5- Mirror with wooden branches

Mirror with twigs

Do you like to decorate with natural elements? This mirror is decorated with small wooden twigs, with irregular shapes and sizes, glued along its contour with a little hot glue. Although the untreated wood looks great, you could also paint the branches in colors or apply a decorative varnish.

6- Mirror with a wooden board

Homemade mirror with a wooden board

Do you have a nice wooden kitchen table at home? So it has a very cool base to create your next mirror. Look what they have done in this example: they have painted the board in two colors, they have glued the mirror on top and they have hung it on the wall with the help of a small strip of suede.

7- Decorate mirror with wool

Strips of wool and some pompoms. It is what they have used in this case to give a very very special point to a basic round wall mirror. How about? To do this, you will have to hang the wool strips from a small wooden ribbon, which is glued to the back of the mirror.

8- Mirror decorated with rods

Watch out for this low cost version of the typical sun mirror. It is made with a small round mirror, wooden rods, gold paint, and some hot glue. Brilliant!

9- How to make a mirror with mosaic

To make a mirror with mosaics like this you will need patience … but it’s worth it! The base is an Ikea mirror with a wooden frame – it only cost us 2 euros! -, which we decorated with small colored crystals glued all over the surface. Then, we apply a light white putty from the Baixens brand to fill in the gaps and achieve this result. Opinions?

10- Ideas to decorate mirrors with rope

One more way to decorate a round mirror. In this case, they have placed it on a circular wooden base, gluing several concentric sections of a thick rope around it. To hide the ends, they have used a thinner rope. We love the result.

11- Triangular mirror with wooden slats

What do you think of this triangular mirror? Framed with square slats of light wood, it has a very cool Nordic vibe. If you want to do it, the most difficult thing will be to find a triangular mirror. If you can’t find it, you can use a glass cutter to create it from a square one.

12- Mirror with geometric shapes

This geometric mirror is made with a wooden board and a square mirror divided into three triangular pieces – we cut it using a glass cutter. Ok, it is not the most practical to see clearly … but to decorate it is great.

What do you think of all these ideas to decorate mirrors? Are you going to dare to do one?