Closet Design

12 Things From Your Closet You Need to Get Rid of

New year, new life and more organized at home! It’s time to throw away the things that no longer make sense, donate parts and clean up your closets. If you need more closet space, check out some things in your closet to get rid of right now!

1- Old Costumes

Just put aside what you are going to wear this Carnival and donate those old costumes from carnivals past or from Halloween from years ago.

2- Wedding dress

It’s difficult, we know. You paid dearly and you bring back so many memories… But there’s a piece that you’re absolutely sure you won’t wear again. How about doing a trash the dress essay and then saving it in memory in the form of photos (which take up much less space…)? You can still earn a lot of money selling the dress on the internet. You’ll pay for the rehearsal and that’s it.

3- Gifts you never liked

There’s always that dress you got loved ones, but unfortunately it has little or nothing to do with you. Then you keep waiting for the time to use, but that time never comes. It won’t even come. You can put it to sell too.

4- Tight clothes

Just stop. If you lose weight what you expect, you buy new and prettier ones.

5- Parts you keep just because you paid dearly

There’s that wonderful skirt, a real luxury, that you bought on sale at a designer store, but… guess what? Never used. Get rid of it.

6- Shoes that hurt

Everyone has that super powerful jump that makes us feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. But this for a few seconds. Because right after it starts to hurt and then, you’ve seen it, right? A shoe cannot destroy your night. Nor take up space in your closet for nothing. Your feet are grateful.

7- Costume jewelry that has lost its color

Tell me why keep $10 rings that have faded? Or even that it cost a little more, but just the bath will be almost the price of a new piece?

8- Advertising T-shirts

Alderman t-shirt, pizzeria, New Year’s Eve 2006. Enough, right? At worst, elections are just around the corner and you win new ones. Uh.

9- “Stay at home” clothes

Leave only a pair of shorts, a blouse, a pair of pants and a sweatshirt. The rest of the old rags, just throw it, okay?

10- Pile of clothes to fix?

How long has she been there? If it’s been over a month, you already know.

11- Purses and store bags

They will only be useful for going to the market and in your kitchen. So get them out of the closet and change rooms now!

12- Things you didn’t have the heart to do without in the last cleanup

Are those pieces you clung to last time still unused? So you already know. This time they don’t pass. Just get rid of!

It will be much nicer to be able to choose your clothes with more space and organization in the closet.