Kids Room Design

12 Room Decor Ideas Kids Will Love

For those who have children at home, the living room has increasingly become a family room, where there is space for children and adults… even when it comes to decoration! With some really amazing ideas, these are 12 room decorations that kids will love… and parents too!

1- Flying room!

It’s not for every home, not for every family, but there’s certainly no kid who wouldn’t love having a swing in the living room. Room decorations that let us fly… Failing to introduce such an element of fun into the room, create a small corner with an XS table and chairs.

2- Fun decoration

What could be more fun than a swing in the living room? A slide! Original living room decorations like this practically do not need words… just look at the image and you will immediately feel like experimenting!

3- Children also decorate…

In the decoration, business is combined with pleasantness and, in this room, the washable sofas are a great idea for those who have children (or small artists!) at home and will thus not only be able to contribute to the decoration of the room , but will feel truly at home!

4- Vintage school tables

A simple and creative idea to give children their own space in the room: an old school table for each one, where they can give free rein to their imagination!

5- Sofa XS

Everyone has their favorite place in the living room, so make room for a small sofa, for the little ones at home… the room’s decor will be lovely!

6- A room within a room

If you have space and imagination, creating a real playground in one of the corners of the room will certainly be a dream come true for children… and this type of room decorations are a real charm!

7- A trapeze in the room? Yes!

After the swing and the slide, did you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to living room decorations that kids can’t resist? Maybe he was wrong. Have you ever imagined incorporating a trapeze in your living room decoration? Nobody will leave!

8- Tents and other adventures, without leaving the room!

A tent is a decorative element that immediately makes any space more cheerful, more child-friendly… and incorporated into the room’s decor, it will guarantee entertainment for hours. Will there be a more inviting family room ?

9- A playroom

If the parents are in the living room, the children want to be there too… and they also want to take all the toys from the room to there , but then they don’t want to put them away. By creating, in the living room, a small niche with toys and a storage model, the space becomes more child-friendly and they are grateful! Parents too.

10- Hammock

Lending a spectacular tranquility to living room decorations, a hammock is a wonderful point of interest in any decor… as well as being the perfect space for family naps…

11- Rocking chair

A less daring rocking alternative, but equally appealing… the kids at home won’t let go of the rocking chair and the room’s decor takes on another lightness and a very special touch.

12- Walls for the little ones

What child can resist a blackboard where they can unleash their creativity and draw for hours? Reserve a section of one of the room’s walls to create this work of art that will be constantly changing, giving the room a new decor whenever the little ones are inspired.