Spring Decor

12 Original Ideas for Spring Decoration

spring decorative ideas

Patterned fabrics, flowers, white colours that illuminate rooms, dishes with a lot of colours… the time has come to give the home decoration a spin. Spring is here and at Handfie we know that it is one of the most anticipated seasons. This post is a guide for you to make your home exude harmony and happiness in each room. Without forgetting the practicality and simplicity! Take a look at these 12 DIY ideas to redecorate your home, and get down to business!

1. Yes to wallpaper

Yes to wallpaper 1

Yes to wallpaper 2

Boring single-colour walls? In spring you can afford to decorate some of the walls of a room with a more special wallpaper, for example, with floral motifs. In this way, you will give a new face to the room, more fun.

2. Rugs with personality

Rugs with personality 1

Rugs with personality 2

A rug is that accessory that gives life, fills that gap that no other piece of furniture can occupy … They are comfortable, stately, happy … they blow us away! And if they are colourful or with ethnic motifs … what more could you ask for for a decorative element in spring?

3. Spring tableware for cheerful tables

Spring tableware for cheerful tables

Spring tableware for cheerful tables 1

It’s time to take out that special tableware that you have stored … In spring, anything goes! On a white tablecloth, they will be the point of attention at every family or friend gathering. A great decoration idea.

4. Special lighting for the terrace

Special lighting for the terrace

Great meetings with the best of companies on a terrace… We all want the lighting to be cosy and warm for these occasions. And if the lamps or bulbs are also beautiful, there is nothing better! Also, why lie … in photos, it’s super cool.

5. Eye-catching textiles

Eye-catching textiles

Eye-catching textiles 1

Colours, patterns, mixes of styles … and a lot, a lot of colours! Give textiles the importance they deserve and make them worthy protagonists of the room. The spring decoration was never so much fun!

6. Spring decoration with flowers

Spring decoration with flowers

Spring decoration with flowers 1

Flowers are the quintessential symbol of spring. And of course, a perfect decorative element. What do you think of these two ideas to include them at home?

7. Crystal with a lot of colours

Crystal with a lot of colours 2

Crystal with a lot of colours 1

If there is an elegant material with which to complete a table, that is glass. But who says that only in its transparent version? Go ahead with the colour, if you don’t know which one … here are some ideas.

8. Aromatic plants

Aromatic plants

Now the pots of aromatic plants that hang around the kitchen, without a specific place to store them, are going to have a clear mission: to be a perfect spring decorative element! In addition to flavouring our meals, of course.

9. Candles with fruit motifs


Candles are a decorative item that fits into any list because they are great! They smell good and give a warm, sophisticated touch… and even fun. We suggest that you make your own DIY design alluding to some fruit… what do you think of this pineapple?

10. Cactus, cactus!


Cacti are in fashion … But if you don’t want to have a real one, that’s okay! It has a solution, you can even make the simple cork cacti at home. You will get many videos on the internet for making artificial cacti.

11. T-shirt yarn flowerpot

T-shirt yarn flowerpot

Why keep the plants in a normal pot, being able to hang them from the ceiling? Look at this fabric planter and decorate spaces with a lot of personalities. And if you like this thing about the yarn, look at this article: 21 ideas with yarn.

12. Decorative garlands

Decorative garlands

Decorative garlands 1

The garlands look very good in rooms where we notice that that “something” is missing that gives the final touch. They’re upbeat and fun, and these pompoms are super easy to do too.