12 Ideas to Reuse Coffee Grounds at Home

Do you throw the coffee powder away after use? So, you are losing a great ally for your home.

Present in the morning of most Brazilians, coffee is the darling of many people. Brazil is responsible for a third of the production of this grain in the world. With such abundance, do you know how to reuse the coffee grounds after that tasty cup?

The trend towards sustainability, reuse of items and recycling are increasingly present. Thus, that item that would otherwise be discarded gains new life and can be used in a variety of creative ways.

For that, you just need to know some tricks and have the right ideas. Know that you will be surprised by so many ways to use coffee grounds. After this article, the powder that remains after straining will never be wasted again.

Has the curiosity to know how to do this has come? So, here are 12 smart ways you can enjoy your coffee grounds in your home.

12 ways to reuse coffee grounds

There are great chances of Brazil moving from the second lcofeeargest coffee consumer to the leadership in 2021. This growth only highlights how this drink is being increasingly appreciated here. However, imagine how many dregs are thrown in the trash daily?

Although it doesn’t seem like it, this residue that is left over after breakfast brings many nutrients that come from the grain. Thus, it can be excellent for plants, fighting insects and many other household utilities .

With that in mind, these ideas are of great public utility! So, learn today how not to be part of the group of people who just discard the coffee powder every day.

1- Keep away domestic intruder in the garden

You know those slugs that invade your garden or try to climb your plants? Coffee grounds can prevent this. So the trick is to throw the dregs into the vase. If the case is with ants in these areas, throw all the coffee powder used inside the anthill.

2- Scare away house ants

Not many people know, but those annoying little ants in the closet can easily disappear. For this, you must put a path of dry sludge where they usually pass. If you don’t want to leave the content lying around the furniture, you can do it inside a saucer.

3- Function as a fly repellent

This trick to ward off mosquitoes and flies is from Grandma’s time, but it’s still powerful. Therefore, separate a lemon rind lined with the powder used, cloves and rosemary. After that, light several matchsticks until you get the content to glow.

Even though it takes a little effort, it’s worth having a home without these insects. Not to mention that it is a great flavoring for a home environment.

4- Remove bad smell from the refrigerator

You may have already smelled that refrigerator smell, as it is popularly called. However, this is simple to solve. To get rid of it, you just need to put a gauze or sachet with coffee grounds inside the appliance.

Another idea is to put it inside a pot of margarine with holes. And your fridge won’t smell like coffee, don’t worry!

5- Unclog the sink

This one you didn’t even imagine, did you? The trick is to throw the coffee grounds down the drain and let the water run. Thus, the powder can unclog your sink and, best of all, effortlessly. It’s worth testing this idea in your home.

6- Serve as a natural exfoliant

That’s right! In addition to being delicious, it is also an ecologically correct exfoliant. Thus, the coffee grounds can make your skin even more beautiful, removing dead cells. So, use this recipe:

  • 01 cup of hot coffee grounds;
  • ½ cup of sugar;
  • 01 tablespoon of oil;

To prepare, mix everything and spread on the area you need to exfoliate. Then do circular motions, especially on rougher areas such as elbows and feet. After that, wait for 5 minutes and wash with water.

Another tip in this line is the fight against cellulite. In this case, use the sludge with warm water on the affected part and massage for 10 minutes. It needs to be repeated twice a week. The results are visible within four weeks.

7- Keep cats away from the yard

So that your cat or the neighbor’s doesn’t do their chores in the yard, there’s an amazing tip. You just need to throw coffee grounds in the ground or put it in the corner that the pussy likes to go the most. The ideal is to change every week.

8- Remove odors on hands

The unpleasant smell that is left after chopping garlic or onions can also go away with this tip. After the service, rub the coffee grounds on your hands. You will notice that the odor disappears instantly.

9- Serve as fertilizer

Used coffee powder is a great fertilizer for your plants, especially for hydrangeas, azaleas, roses and camellias. Then, mix 10 portions of earth to one of dregs. This substance helps provide great nutrients for the soil. Once that’s done, use the fertilizer every 4 or 5 months in your garden or in your home garden .

10- Deodorize manholes

If you get tired of the bad smell given off by drains and manholes, it’s simple to solve. Pour ½ cup of coffee grounds mixed with 5 cups of hot water in this spot. You will notice how much better the aroma is.

11- Dyeing fabrics and paper

Coffee grounds are a great way to dye everything. This applies from fabrics, feathers or paper. So, you just need to pass the coffee powder on the piece you want to color. This is a popular way to make notebook sheets look like antique parchment.

12- Aromatizer for homemade products

Do you like to produce homemade candles or soaps? Know that the sludge can also help with this task. You just need to put some of the powder in a sachet and dip it in the melted wax or throw it straight, if you want. The perfume will look amazing.

With so many ideas for reusing coffee grounds, you have no excuse to keep wasting this gem. Besides, the residue has antioxidants and nutrients that are useful for plants and the skin. Therefore, it is worth joining the reuse!

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