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12 Ideas to Give Life to That Stairs Corner of the House

When it arrives at decorating our home, there is always a corner to which we pay less attention than the rest. We strive to make the living room, kitchen, and bathroom great, but the house has more spaces to add a special touch! We consume the day going up and down the stairs, and we always see that space a bit empty. To get the most out of that area of ​​passage and ensure that no corner of the house is not looking its best, here are ten ideas to decorate the landing of your staircase. Take note!

1- Rest on the landing

Periodically we forget one of the main reasons landings exist; allow us to take a little breath to keep going up the stairs. Now, they can also be great places to create a perfect resting corner for activities such as reading. One of the most comfortable alternatives for the landing of your staircase is that of a small running bench that you can decorate with cushions of different colors and texture. Play with fabrics and create a feeling of comfort that will give the touch you are looking for in your home.

2- When you want to take rest to another level

If you have the necessary space, you may want to go a step further and create an authentic mini-living room on the landing of the stairs, for this, two twin chairs and a coffee table will not only make the corner have style but will also make that is also useful and becomes a desirable place to have a cup of tea.

3- The place of memories

When the space we have is not very wide, but we still want to give it a special touch, we can always resort to placing some type of shelf or surface on which to highlight happy moments. You will see them every day when you go downstairs before going to work and they will provide you the push you need to go ahead and give it your all.

4- Shelves full of stories

We all carry a story to tell and millions of stories to read, and sometimes we don’t have enough space to treasure so many pages. The landing of the staircase is a wasted corner in many houses, but that is over, bookcases are a great option to put in yours.

5- Another type of shelving

Don’t you like to read? Okay, but that’s no excuse not to take advantage of a shelf on the stair landing. Look at this elegant way of placing plants in wicker baskets; it is something that fits with any style and gives a feeling of vitality to the house. The area may be dark, so artificial plants are a good alternative.

6- Mixed alternative

There is no reason to go one style or the other when you can go both ways. The shelves and the continuous benches are good combinations, especially straight stairs. Yes, you will need to have enough space.

7- Play with textures and reflections

When the staircase is narrow, there is not much to do to change its style a bit, but we can always do trompe l’oeil to make it look a little bigger. With a full-length mirror, you will give the visual illusion of having more depth, and with a nice carpet with a pleasant texture, you will give that different touch that will change your vision of the place.

8- Tiles and false tiles

It’s a classic, elegant, easy-to-clean, visually appealing look, but it can be a hassle to lay so many real tiles. For this, the vinyl alternatives are great, they can be installed quickly, and when you want to change the style, they are easy to remove. All are advantages!

9- Landing without landing

Many stairs, especially those in old houses, have hardly any landing, but they have steps with dead zones. You can take advantage of the curves of the staircase to your advantage, placing decorations such as small plants in the areas where they do not get in the way.

10- Ceramic is always a good option

You may wonder, but what kind of concrete decoration can I put on my staircase? The answers are as broad as the types of people in the world, but if there is something that never fails, the vases and ceramics fit well into any space and make it look carefully decorated.

11- Bet on news

Modern stairs also have a place, not only the rustic we love. Metallic colors, cold-colored ceramics, and conceptual art will make your home look like the latest, not a single space without modernizing.

12- Step by step

As you have seen, this is about playing and trying what best fits your space, and there is no correct solution when decorating a staircase. What you do have to do is want to innovate. We have talked about plants and ceramics, but why relegate them to a single step? You can place different sets of decorations along the entire staircase, a dynamic way to fill in spaces.

This is a non-stop go up and down. Did you like the ideas? The trick is to acclimate them to your style and the shape of your ladder to get the best possible result.