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11 Ways to Create Zen Style for Casual Home

Zen is a style that can help us fit in the style of harmony in our homes. Sometimes, we do not realize that the decoration is wrong, the house with too many elements or materials that can not give us a good feeling will bring us discomfort. The things around us affect us beyond our imagination, which is why we must create a place to rest when we get home.

Creating a Zen style at home, we must take into consideration to make our house more warm and relaxing key. We need to follow some basic principles to make each environment a Zen space so that we can enjoy psychological happiness.

1- Natural elements in decoration

Home plant

Zen lifestyle indispensable thing is contact with nature, even though we live in an urban environment. This is why there should always be plants in Zen style, but there are natural plants. The ideal situation is to use simple tones and avoid excessive colors to create a space that is in harmony with nature, which is always very suitable for us. Adding large plants to the space is good for us and our well-being.

2- Zen-style harmonious materials


We will not only add natural elements such as stone, wood or plant, but we have to find a more comfortable material. Soft wooden floors where we can walk barefoot, some branches on the bed as headboards, and plants in the area connected to the room are all good ideas. The use of colder materials such as metal or plastics that are too artificial must be avoided.

3- Neutral and soft tones

Basic tone

Creating a Zen and relaxing environment we must always choose the most gentle, the most neutral tone. Basic colors such as white, beige, gray or black are ideal, and it is best to look for the brightest color. If you want to add color, enhance the color with soft tones or soft pastel tones, and this will not change the senses.

4- Natural brightness


To have a comfortable and relaxing home, you need a comfortable environment good lighting . Our first choice is always natural lighting, because it is the best, even though it is rare in winter. It is best to open the curtains to let in the light and have a clear and open environment. If we do not have the possibility of natural light, then we must strive to have good artificial light.

5- Dim light of candle

Candle light

If we want an extra relaxation we must always have some great candles to provide very dim light. We can think in the bathroom or living room to maintain a sense of moment. Candles always help to create a Zen atmosphere.

6- Clean lines

Minimalist style

In the Zen space, less will always come true. If you are looking for peace of mind, you have to start from scratch simplify things, it also depends on the things around us. Curves are always easier, but whether it is curved or straight, some simple methods are needed. That is to say, furniture with pure colors, basic lines and few decorative details.

7- Order in space


When creating a relaxed environment, order is always important. Although some people may experience some discomfort, there is always a price to pay when creating a healthier lifestyle. Generally, it is recommended not to have too many compartments, as it will make us feel that there is too much. In life, we must simplify everything, but also make room for everything. One method that can give us the most help when ordering has become very popular. One of them is Marie Kondo. This ordering method helps us every day.

8- Zen style and aromatherapy


Since we have more senses, not only visual perception is important indoors. Just as silence can help us relax, smell is also important to it. This aromatherapy This may make the house more warm good way. Since you have added candles to the room, you can make them have different scents to enjoy good scents that can help you relax.

9- Three rules

Zen bedroom

The rules are simple, that is, in a room we do not have more than three colors in order to avoid the sensory saturation. If you don’t destroy this, then you will get a simpler, visually relaxing environment.

10- Open space

And better when ordering not to be divided in space, we have the same thing will happen. The Zen room should be open and there should be no obstacles in the passage area.

11- Create a recreation area

Recreation area

You can not miss create a special area to relax. From the reading corner to the meditation area, doing yoga or planting a garden with plants.