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11 Beautiful Pergola Ideas for Small Backyards

Get inspired by these photos of a pergola for a small backyard and transform your space into a place where people can feel good and cozy.

The backyard is one of the most important social areas of a house, being, most of the times, the first contact of those who arrive with the place where you live.

Therefore, having a well-kept and beautiful backyard is the key so that the people who live there and all those who pass through can feel good and happy.

One of the best ideas for building a dream backyard, including small backyards, is the pergola, a decorative structure that beautifies outdoor spaces, such as backyards and gardens.

Below we bring 11 amazing pergola ideas for you who have a small backyard at home, but want to make this space hyper charming and inviting. Look:

1- Pergola for Small Backyards

This mega compact pergola will give your small yard a new look. Ideal for chatting or for quiet reading on a sunny morning.

2- Harmonized With the Garden

All made of wood, this pergola for a small backyard is harmonized with the garden, forming an ideal environmen enjoy your hours of rest.

3- Wooden Pergola

Almost attached to the house, this wooden pergola is pure charm with its country-style bench and mini garden.

4- Vertical Garden

Our idea of ​​a small yard pergola houses a beautiful vertical garden, ideal for compact environments.

5- House with Pergola

Our next example of a pergola for a small yard is for those who want to make a social area to receive friends and family, adapting the space in the yard to the barbecue.

The glass cover helps with lighting and makes the environment much cleaner.

6- Meditation Corner

And how about a very charming pergola, ideal for small environments that can become your special meditation corner?

7- Chic Pergola

You can also adapt this model of pergola to a small yard and set up a resting space with hammocks and lots of greenery.

8- Pergola Covering Hydromassage

How about turning your small backyard into a mini SPA with this pergola with a hot tub?

9- Love Seat

The pergola with love seat is also a perfect idea for a small backyard.

10- Cozy Pergola

This pergola with a glass roof completely transforms the entrance of the house, making it another viable (and beautiful) idea for application in a small backyard.

11- Rustic Pergola

The small, narrow yard can also receive a pergola, which is even more beautiful with the help of plants.