11 Beautiful Homemade Autumn Decor Ideas

 In autumn, nature can be entirely changed by decorating itself with beautiful colors, and your house can also plunge yourself into this atmosphere by making decorations yourself, thereby putting yourself in the mood. If you want to change the family atmosphere regularly, here are some autumn decoration ideas to make yourself. In the transitional phase between summer and winter, there is nothing better than this!

Autumn composition with workspace with blank notebook, pencil, red cup of coffee and beautiful red maple leaves. Top view, flat lay, vintage toning. Autumn relax concept.

1- Do-it-yourself autumn decoration: combining light and color

These beautiful sparkling colorful bottles bring light to the windowsill. Simple but very beautiful, they create a soft atmosphere in your room with a hint of soft and charming light. Christmas is coming; add some elements reminiscent of this holiday to get more charm. It is best to choose different shapes and sizes of bottles and colored glass to increase the sense of joy. Of course, the color must be reminiscent of nature.

2- Beautiful autumn wreath

You can put the hand-made wreath on the front door or entrance of the house for a warm welcome and full of surprises. You will pick up branches, leaves, flowers, berries in the natural world… and then walk in a beautiful wreath. The crown is an element that brings joy, especially in autumn, with shades of orange, yellow, and red. You can also buy branch wreaths at the store, which will be the perfect base for your imagination.

3- Pumpkin as a vase: an indispensable decoration in autumn!

Autumn is also synonymous with pumpkins, pumpkins… in the garden. If these vegetables are returned to our plates in different forms, they are decorative elements. You don’t have to wait until Halloween to use them. Just like this photo, you can easily make a vase with autumn colors from hollowed-out pumpkins. Then, place the branches, green leaves, flowers, and seasonal berries harmoniously, and you can get an excellent rustic style that can decorate your terrace or the interior of your house.

4- Wreath of dried flowers

A wreath is an element of autumn decoration, giving the wall charm when decorating the wall. By drying beautiful flowers and leaves or branches, you can put on your clothes in the colors of this gorgeous season. It’s easy to make with your kids, but it’s spectacular! You can find flowers in the garden or collect flowers while walking. Then, you can add a light garland or a few balls in case you need it.

5- Small decorative pumpkin

Once the small pumpkin is painted in the desired color, it will make up a beautiful composition, which you can place in a tray on the central kitchen island or the dining table. Choose colors by combining them with the colors of autumn decorations. Golden paint is very suitable for bringing light and exudes a delicate and elegant atmosphere. This decoration can be ideally used for Christmas or Halloween. In this way, you only need to apply a little paint to keep them up to date.

6- Autumn leaves painting

In the autumn woods, nature provides us with unparalleled charming colors. To keep memories and bring joy to your home, please collect leaves, fruits, berries, and choose them carefully to make colorful pictures. You can also use it to create original invitations or cards. Carefully handle the arrangement of the elements to make the result up to standard.

7- DIY candle holder: an essential element of autumn decoration

Your bright autumn decorations will also bring some seasonal colors with a bit of imagination and exude a few leaves. Let the children collect the most beautiful leaves. Bring a small transparent glass jar, some tea lights, and voila!

8- Leaf wreath

You can paint on this leaf unearthed in the wild like this photo or keep its natural appearance. In all cases, hang them one by one with a fine clothespin on a fishing rod or a beautiful string to make a wreath that can decorate a wall or a mantelpiece.

9- Halloween pumpkin

It’s hard to talk about autumn without talking about Halloween. Hollow pumpkin is a classic of this holiday. They appear anywhere inside and outside the house, immersing your guests and your children in the atmosphere.

10- Natural DIY chandelier: perfect autumn decoration, can decorate the wall

With branches, some ropes, and some brightly colored leaves, you will get a beautiful hanging light that can be placed on the wall in the hallway, kitchen, or bedroom. Exquisite and straightforward, you can copy it in your way without hesitation!

11- Dehydrated fruit slices

Cut your apples, papaya, and oranges into thin slices and put them in the oven to dehydrate and dry them. Then, by mixing them with beautiful leaves, they will enter the composition of your painting, wreath, or wreath. These scented slices are an essential part of any self-respecting autumn and winter decoration!

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