11 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Quit

Take back control of your home and avoid maintaining these attitudes that go unnoticed daily. If it comes to maintaining the house organized, there aren’t many secrets. It’s hands-on. What we shouldn’t do is play against. See here everyday situations that affect house cleaning.

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with a lot of people. Without a doubt, ensuring that the house is tidy is a demanding task. Usually, as soon as you finish one thing, you have something else to do—especially if there are children in the house!

Fortunately, there are some good practices you can apply to your routine not only to get things in order but also to cut down on the amount of time you spend on each task and the effort required.

Check out the most common habits that affect your life when cleaning the house – a list produced initially by the site specializing in making daily life easier.

1- Keep towels and curtains piled up in the bathroom

Avoid leaving towels or shower curtains wet and bunched up. Remember always to stretch them out to dry and use them again, avoiding mold and thus washing them more often.

A towel thrown on the bed is a crime – your mother is right. In addition to keeping you moist, it also wets the bed. A sin!

2- Use more cleaning products than recommended

Some people think that the more cleaning product they use, the better. But the reality is not quite like that. For example, if you use a lot of laundry detergent to clean your floor and don’t rinse off the excess properly, the rest can stain the floor.

Also, some cleaning products, especially sticky ones, can even become a dirt magnet, trapping residue if not completely removed. So, break the bad habit of “the more is better” and start reading the instructions on the labels, taking care to use the recommended amount. That way, you avoid wasting time and money!

3- Clean with dirty tools and utensils

Have you ever tried cleaning the floor of your house with dirty cloth? Well, it’s not possible. The same logic applies to all tools and utensils that are used in the household cleaning routine.

If you don’t clean your washing machine, for example, chances are your clothes will start to smell weird over time. After all, the machine’s moisture and dirt make it the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

4- Dirty dishes left in the sink

If you have a bad habit of piling plates and glasses in the sink, you’d better rethink your posture. First, the more dirt and moisture, the more the environment will be conducive to the growth of bacteria. Second, cockroaches, ants, and other types of insects can start to appear.

Adopt the famous method: “dirty, washed!”; this way, you don’t accumulate dishes and still gain time to do other things.

5- Wear street shoes at home

In many cultures, when entering a house, we leave our shoes outside. In addition to the cultural aspect, there is the positive point that it helps to make the place less dirty. In addition, the number of germs and bacteria in everyday environments will be much smaller.

Place a stool near the door to facilitate the process of removing your shoes. For children who love to play and come home with muddy or wet shoes, leave a box for them to put in there.

6- Forget leftovers in the fridge

Cleaning and organization also go through the refrigerator. If you want to withdraw bad smells in the appliance, keep an eye out and organize the “restodonté” – aka, food leftover from yesterday.

Inappropriately stored foods contribute to the emergence of fungi and bacteria that make cleaning the refrigerator even more complicated (not to mention harmful to health). Start thinking about the proper amount of food you need to make, bet on the freezer, and note when food was produced/stored.

7- Not making the bed

It’s straightforward. And of all the bad habits that do not help in cleaning and organizing a house, this is perhaps the most common and with the most immediate result:

  • messy bed = messy bedroom;
  • tidy bed = tidy room.

To make things even more practical in the morning, avoid having too many pillows and comforters. That is, focus on the simple, especially if you are lazy when you wake up.

8- Not reading labels

Each product works differently, even if the purpose is the same. One disinfectant, for example, can do the job in 30 seconds, while another needs to remain on the surface for a few minutes. And that makes all the distinctions in the final result.

9- Leave the powder last

Avoid spending more time cleaning your home and dust off before wiping or vacuuming the floor. Keep in mind that any room must be cleaned from top to bottom, with the base being the last to be worked.

10- Accumulate paper

The tip is to set a place to put everything that comes to your door, like magazines and advertisements. Take the opportunity and leave recyclable trash nearby and, at least once a week, take the time to look at what is essential and discard what is not.

You can also donate your magazines to schools and nursing homes, or you can choose to subscribe to the digital version.

11- Let the dirt dominate until you dare to clean it

You see, the more things to do, the more tiring you will be. And along the way, with the desire to finish soon to rest, you can end up leaving something undone or poorly done. Take control of your home and get started as quickly as possible.