Bedroom Design

10 Wonderful Tricks for Small Rooms to Make the Most of It

Do you have small rooms at home and you have run out of ideas? You do not have to worry! The main thing with this type of room is to know how to distribute the space well and take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips. The truth is that we are used to seeing decor ideas in large rooms and so it is difficult to get inspired if you have to work with a small space. That’s why we bring you some good tips and ideas to get the most out of your small room.

1- Minimalism in your bedroom

If you want to have a well-used small room that does not give a feeling of overwhelm, the first thing you should do is get rid of everything that is superfluous and that does not fulfill a function in the room. It’s not just about being a useful feature, it can also be aesthetic. Try to only have objects or furniture in your room that serve a purpose or that you really love.

Also, when planning or buying furniture, you should think about what your priorities are. A large bed? Are you going to need a lot of storage space? Do you want space to work? Think about all these things before going crazy to buy and so you can have a room tailored to your needs.

2- Pay attention to the light in the room

Light will be one of your best allies to give a feeling of spaciousness to your small rooms. The higher the light, the greater the effect of having a large space. Take this into account when choosing curtains or blinds. It is better that you opt for light scents and light materials such as linen or cotton that allow a greater amount of light to pass through.

3- Do not miss the mirrors!

Another idea to make the light work in your favor is to put mirrors in your room. This will multiply the light and give a greater sense of space, so be sure to get a good mirror to give space to your small bedroom.

4- Play with the colors of the bedroom

Small rooms generally welcome light colors. That doesn’t mean you can’t use dark colors, but our advice is to leave them best for details or small parts of the room. Keep this tip in mind when choosing paint, furniture, carpet color… every detail counts!

5- Think vertically

When the surface is small, you have to think of alternatives that do not require putting things on the bedroom floor. And if you can’t use the floor… you have to use the walls! There are many solutions that go through placing furniture or storage alternatives at various heights. One of the ones that will save you the most space will be to put the bed up high and leave the entire interior surface to work or play. Not only is it a practical idea but it is also super original. Have you ever seen a room like this?

6- Folding beds

Another idea to make sure that the bed does not eat up the useful space in the room is to have the possibility of folding it on the wall or “hiding” it inside a closet. In this way you will have a bedroom at night and an office or games space during the day. Who said you could only have one?

7- Trundle beds for small bedrooms

Or what is the same: two beds in the space of one. A perfect idea if the room is shared but there is no space for single beds or bunk beds. In the morning you put one bed under the other and that’s it! You will have a room with a fully usable space.

8- Storage under the bed

The beds are super usable furniture in many ways. If you get a bed frame with drawers at the bottom or in a “trundle” format, it will allow you to save a lot of space when decorating a small bedroom. Ideal to free the room of all those objects that you need or that you do not want to get rid of but do not want to have in sight.

9- Multipurpose headboard

A headboard can be much more than just a headboard: a nightstand, a bookcase, a bookcase … adapt it to your needs and take advantage of every space in the bedroom, no matter how small.

10- The cabinets are your allies to decorate small bedrooms

When it comes to decorating small bedrooms, one of the things you have to try is to keep things inside the closets. This will give the room a feeling of order and a much more spacious appearance. To be able to take advantage of them well, make your cabinets reach up to the ceiling so that you can use all the available space. And if you can choose to put sliding doors, better than better!

As you can see, it is not necessary to have a large space to have a large room, you just have to learn to manage your resources well. We also leave you here ideas for small bathrooms and tricks to decorate small gardens so that your house is beautiful and functional whatever size it is.