10 Ways an Air Conditioner Will Benefit Your Family and Home

With our summers getting marginally warmer each year, we have to adapt to the new challenges the heat poses. The consequences of a warmer planet are having an impact on our lives and our health, which puts the focus on air conditioners as a solution. A fact we can all agree on is that if you install an aircon system, it needs to be of good quality to make the investment count and give you the full range of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 benefits of having an air conditioner.

It could save your life

This is not an overstatement. According to the Environmental Protection Agency in America, close to ten thousand people died as a result of heat in the past 30 years. These are the official figures, but they don’t take into account countless more deaths in which excessive temperatures could have been a factor in the death of a person. Keeping cool with an air conditioner is one way the most vulnerable in our communities can be shielded from heat-related deaths and illnesses associated with heat.

You achieve better air quality

An air conditioner circulates and filters air. In the process, it will remove pollutants such as dirt and mold from the air moving through your home. If you have household members that are asthmatic or suffer from pollen, dust mite, or other allergies, the aircon will also reduce a load of irritants in the environment that can trigger an attack or reaction. In this situation, filters must be kept clean. If not, they could cause poor air quality, which nullifies all the benefits of having one in your home.

You can cut down on pests

The filters of the aircon system are also able to keep out insects. They are even more effective in fact than using screens. Some insects and pests can be harmful to people with certain types of allergies. An air-con system can also help keep your indoors free of fleas and ticks.

You’ll get more done

Aircons have been proven to improve work efficiency. Cooler air helps to beat mental sluggishness that can set in at the end of a hot day. The link has even proven by researchers. It’s been shown that the body will need to expend energy in an attempt to cool itself down. This reduces one’s ability to concentrate and think with reason. It’s a fact: offices with air conditioners make for staff members that work better and can make good decisions.

 You’ll be calmer

You’ll also be more able to keep your cool. Heat can lead to shorter tempers and frayed nerves. When the body attempts to cool itself down, the heart rate and blood pressure naturally increase. This can affect people’s emotions and the ability to react to stress.

You’ll get better sleep

The same issues that cause anger, a higher heart rate, and rising blood pressure – can also make it tricky to get good sleep when it’s hot. The core body temperature is a factor that affects our ability to fall asleep and achieve quality shuteye. If a room is too hot, our body is not able to regulate at a temperature that is consistent with quality sleep.

Your heirlooms will love you

Precious pieces of furniture can become damaged when exposed to humidity and heat. An air conditioner not only controls the temperature in an environment, but it also keeps humidity levels at an optimal level. This helps prevent the wood from warping, or leather and fabrics to rot or grow mold.

Your electronic devices will also keep cool

High temps can also wreak havoc on the electronics in our homes we depend on, such as computers and TV sets. Consistently high temperatures can shorten the lifespan of electronics. Computer servers, in particular, need air conditioners to keep them cool to prevent them from getting damaged and losing data when they overheat.

Your home will be safer

Instead of having to leave windows open to circulate air in your home, you can rely on an aircon to perform this duty efficiently. It’s preferable to have doors and windows secured at all times to keep your family and home valuables safe. Better security is an essential bonus of installing an aircon unit.

You can protect your clothes

When it’s hot, you sweat. Sweat stains can ruin your clothes. Keeping cool cuts out this issue. But aircon also control humidity in homes, which can reduce the wardrobe damage associated with mildew and molds.

There are plenty more benefits to installing an HVAC system in your home, but these top 10 are all you need to inspire you to call a contractor today.

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