Christmas Decorations

10 Unique DIY Ideas to Customize Transparent Christmas Balls

Christmas balls are an important element of Christmas decoration, and many versions of Christmas balls are now available. In order to hang on the branches of trees, hang on garlands to decorate the handrails of windows or stairs, or decorate the outer cover of fireplaces, Christmas balls have taken over our interior decoration from floor to ceiling. If you want to have a unique and personalized decoration, how to customize a transparent Christmas ball? If you are interested in this idea, then Deavita will provide you with some magnificent projects to personalize your decoration with transparent plastic balls filling or painting.

1- How to customize transparent Christmas balls by turning them into snowflakes?

Transparent Christmas ball snowflake fake snow paper

Have you ever dreamed of a distinctive Christmas tree decoration? If so, then the first DIY project is perfect for you. This is a transparent Christmas ball whose decoration is reminiscent of a winter wonderland. You will need some transparent flat plastic balls, ribbons, decorative fake snow or crystals, crochet snowflakes or heavy paper.

Custom transparent christmas ball snowflake crochet ribbon

In terms of production, there is nothing simpler than this! Carefully roll the snowflake into a cylinder and insert it into the plastic ball. Do not leave the coiled snowflakes too long to prevent the snowflakes from opening when sliding inside the ornament. Sprinkle some fake snow and decorative crystals on the ball to make it look like a small snowball. Glue the small metal cap to the appropriate position, and then tie a small ribbon to hang it.

2- Transparent Christmas decorations filled with natural materials

Transparent plastic balls decorate natural pine cone eucalyptus leaves

The following ideas for custom transparent Christmas balls are very suitable for any natural Christmas decoration lovers. In addition to being used as decorations hanging on the branches, these Christmas balls with pine cones and eucalyptus leaves can also be used as gifts at Christmas. Or, you can hang some of them on windows or handrails to inject a sense of nature into the decoration. According to your taste, don’t hesitate to personalize the filling by adding fake snow, glitter or even cotton.

Transparent christmas ball

Open a transparent Christmas ball. Use a brush to apply frosted paint to imitate real snow. Alternatively, atomized artificial snow can be used. For a more realistic effect, please don’t hesitate to insert a little cotton. After the paint dries, add pine cones and some eucalyptus leaves. Then close the ball. Tie a ribbon or rope and you can start.

3- How to turn transparent plastic Christmas balls into miscellaneous flowers?

Transparent plastic ball pot pourri Christmas orange slice anise star

Christmas floral scent is an important element of decoration, which can naturally radiate the fragrance of the whole house. The transparent hijacked chowder Christmas ball is very suitable for expanding the Christmas atmosphere, and it is also a last-minute gift for loved ones. The good news is that the craft is nothing complicated. Try to judge for yourself! Just prepare your floral mixture and use it to fill plastic Christmas balls, it’s easy. You can use: whole cloves, eucalyptus leaves, cinnamon sticks, fresh cranberries, pine needles, dried orange slices, star anise, nutmeg, rosemary leaves, etc.

4- Transparent Christmas ball full of confetti

White Christmas tree decoration transparent plastic ball confetti

Are you looking for ideas for decorating modern Christmas trees? How to make a transparent Christmas ball full of confetti to inject a little joy and vitality into your white tree? The transparent plastic ball is very easy to customize, has a modern feel, super colorful and eye-catching appearance. Is there a better way to make artificial trees come to life? Mix different shapes and colors of glitter and confetti. Use a small funnel to fill the mixture into the ball. Glue the small metal cap on. Repeat for the remaining confetti. All you have to do is tie colorful ribbons and hang the ball in the preferred position.

5- Sparkling Christmas balls decorate contemporary or Nordic trees

Transparent glitter decoration christmas ball

Transparent Christmas balls are a nice addition to Scandinavian or modern tree decorations. Don’t hesitate to decorate them with glitter or paint for extra elegance. As you wish, you can insert the flash into the inside of each ball, or you can use it to create unusual flash patterns on the outside of each ball.

Custom transparent glitter plastic christmas ball

Materials needed:
•Transparent plastic ball

•Mod Podge glue

• 1 foam Brush

•1 round foam brush

• Exquisite glitter in different colors

• Transparent acrylic sealant (optional)

Transparent glitter christmas ball

We will introduce you to two different decoration tutorials based on glitter.

First, think about how much glitter you want and how to decorate the transparent ball. Is one flash bar enough? Or do you want to decorate half of each ball? Pour sprinkling water into a small flat plate. In order to obtain more accurate results, please stick tape around the area that does not need decoration to protect it. Using a foam brush, apply Mod Podge to the area that you want to cover the glitter, and then dip the ball into the glitter. Cover with clear acrylic sealant and allow to dry.

6- Transparent Christmas ball blue glitter polka dot pattern door decoration ide

The second project involves decorating transparent balls with transparent polka dots. This idea is as easy to implement as the previous one. Using a round foam brush, apply the circle of Pod Modge to the surface of the transparent ball. Then pour the glitter on the glue and shake off the excess glue. Let dry.

7- Do it yourself marble Christmas ball

Christmas Ball Marble Acrylic Paint Deco Noel Diy

Did you know that transparent Christmas balls can be made into ultra-modern and original marble tree decorations? Easy to make and cheap, this DIY project is sure to achieve successful results. As long as you have at least two colors, you can use the remaining acrylic paint. Ideally, use a squeezable tube so that you can easily insert the paint into the opening of each plastic ball.

Diy marble effect christmas ball

By rotating the side, a small amount of the first color is injected into the ball. The paint should flow from top to bottom in the ball. Inject some different colors of paint into the loop and paste it from top to bottom. Repeat for the other colors until it covers most of the inside of the ball. Cover the opening with a paper towel. Start shaking the ball to make all the colors inside blend together. Pour the ball into the cup and let the excess paint run off. Let it dry thoroughly before tying the ribbon and hanging it on the tree.

8- Transparent ball filled with bath salt: an unusual gift for Christmas

Transparent Christmas ball to fill with lavender rose petals bath salt

We continue with the last-minute Christmas gift ideas, they are truly original decorations! If you want to know what to fill the transparent Christmas ball with to transform it into an original Christmas tree decoration, you can try it without hesitation. Why not fill transparent plastic balls with bath salt and petals to create a unique hanging Christmas decoration? According to the number of transparent balls to be filled, prepare a mixture of 2 parts Epsom salt, 1 part coarse sea salt, dried lavender, dried rose petals and essential oils.

9- Christmas tree balls decorated with recycled paper

Christmas decoration Recup transparent Christmas ball newspaper

Newsprint is very suitable for making recyclable Christmas decorations because the price is reasonable. In order to realize this project, you need some transparent plastic balls, newspaper, kraft paper, glue, 1 brush and string. First cut some circles from newspaper and kraft paper. After completing this task, start pasting the circles from bottom to top. In this way, the circles will overlap, overlapping in a very decorative way. Your decorative Christmas ball will be ready immediately.

10- Christmas ball painted and decorated with gold foil

Transparent Christmas ball decorated with gold foil

Gold leaf is a great way to decorate and personalize creative works that lack special features. This idea is very suitable for many Christmas projects, such as decorating transparent Christmas balls. DIY is easy to make and is expected to inject a touch of charm into Christmas decorations. Regarding the realization of the project, the transparent ball needs to be sprayed first. Then, apply a little glue on the surface of the ball and paste a small gold foil on it. Let dry. Wipe off excess product with paper towels.