10 Tips to Make a Quick and Clever Makeover!

Architect Bruno Moraes brings recommendations for a quick and efficient renovation, thus facilitating the progress of the work. Many people fail to make improvements at home, either for fear of the work being expensive or taking longer than expected. Exactly because of this, several problems of the residence are being left aside, which can generate a lot of headaches in the future. So, will it be possible to carry out a quick, agile, accessible and quality renovation? The answer is yes! To encourage this decision and prepare the home for a new phase, architect Bruno Moraes , from Bruno Moraes Arquitetura , brings 10 great tips for quick renovation. Check out!

Apartment full of architecture and automation solutions

1- Architect’s Advice

Clients and the architectural firm must define the project’s strengths early, in order to make it the residents’ personality

“The secret to a successful work is reduced to discipline, organization, a detailed project, in addition to a well-defined schedule. This must be followed both by the architecture professionals who will carry out it, as well as by the residents who must also contribute to the smooth running of the work. There are a number of actions that must be carried out carefully so that everything happens satisfactorily. The more organized and faster the renovation, the better for everyone”, says Bruno.

2- Experienced professionals

Toilet with ceiling lighting effects

Do you know the team that will work on your home renovation? Do you have positive indications from the company? Have you seen any work that has been performed? If you really want to have a safe work, it is essential that you hire qualified professionals. Therefore, be careful when trusting those who sell services for values ​​well below the market average. After all, what appears to be a good deal can be expensive later, in addition to the risk of delays. Even so, if you want to give a professional you don’t know a chance, start by scaling them to simpler activities (like renovating a small room, for example) until you have more confidence. But never deliver big works right away.

3- More than an architect, a friend!

For a complete and successful renovation, the ideal is that the client and the hired architect have a transparent and friendly relationship, in order to define every detail as soon as possible. As much as possible, avoid leaving snags or loose ends in the path, as this could delay the work. Do you have questions about the best type of coating? Ask for help for those who understand the subject. Talk, think together and agree a deadline to decide the model.

4- Planning

Colors bring all types of makeovers to life

Everyone knows that saying “haste is the enemy of perfection”. Therefore, there is no point in starting the reform running, without design and planning, as the results will not be satisfactory. Many people think it’s a waste of time to dedicate a few days to a well-done planning, but after that, even months of service can be saved depending on the size of the work. Therefore, before the break, it is very important that the contracted office presents a project full of details to its clients.

5- Dates and Actions

Many customers dream of a final date for the renovation, just based on expectations, which may not materialize. In this way, for the work to happen in an agile way, a well done schedule is of total importance. Ask your architect to list and supervise each step of the work.

6- Critical points

Carpentry solutions to save space in the apartment

At the beginning, it is necessary to identify the critical points, that is, those that will demand more work and time. This way, it will be possible to “attack” them more quickly and strategically. For example, if you see that the joinery will be one of the items with the longest delivery, then you can ask the construction team to prioritize the locations where the joinery will be installed, so that the joiner’s visit can happen as soon as possible. In this way, it will take measurements and start its function more quickly.

7- Orders in advance

Searching and comparing the prices of materials, furniture and other objects of the renovation is essential

It is very common to see works stopped or being partially carried out due to the lack or delay of construction materials. So, asking for everything in advance is the solution. “Here, in my office, we have a well-organized process. The coordinator is responsible for requesting the list of materials in advance, based on the daily inspection of stocks. This order then goes to our purchasing department, which has up to 3 days to organize, purchase and formalize delivery”, explains Moraes.

8- Budgets 

It is also important to remember that budgets, both for materials and for the work itself, must be requested, researched and compared well before everything starts. “Never close a renovation without having the correct, updated and detailed cost sheet, item by item. After all, with the information on how much you are going to spend in hand, it will be much easier for your family to plan financially, check if there are enough resources, or even if it will be necessary to carry out some changes in the project”, advises the architect.

9- Market Demands

Kitchen solution: built-in countertop hood

Currently, several items are in short supply. Therefore, just by budgeting and ordering in advance, you will know the real delivery times for each product with the specialized sellers.

10- Necessary Documentation

The architect or engineer is also responsible for issuing the RRT (Registration of Technical Responsibility) or the ART (Annotation of Technical Responsibility), indispensable for works on apartments. The document is necessary due to the new ABNT Reform Standard (NBR 16.280), which establishes the role of a professional responsible for the project and who oversees the execution of the work. “ The measure is aimed at everyone’s safety ”, concludes the professional.

About Bruno Moraes Arquitetura

Created 13 years ago, the office is headed by Bruno Moraes, an architect who graduated from Faculdade Belas Artes de São Paulo (FEBASP) and has a postgraduate degree in Project Management in Civil Construction from FAU Mackenzie. Bruno has worked at large offices, such as the architect Siegbert Zanettini’s, where he participated in the expansion project of Petrobras’ Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello Research and Development Center (Cenpes), considered the largest sustainable project in Latin America.

The office works in the areas of management and execution of works, in addition to dedicating itself to the design of projects for houses, apartment renovations, retrofits, corporate spaces and common areas of buildings. It has its own construction team, carefully trained to manage the work with its own processes developed by the office, which uses, among other differentials, a customized application. The Bruno Moraes Arquitetura brand has works published in the most important decoration and architecture publications in Brazil. In 2019 and 2020 he participated in the decoration of the Eliana Program, at SBT, and in 2021 he signs the environmental reform again.

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