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10 Tips for Choosing, Mounting, and Placing Vintage Lamps in Your Home

Thanks to the positive feedback from the readers of our newsletter “10 tips on how to choose and where to place your coffee table” we have decided to reproduce this format with a stylistic piece on how to choose, mount and place vintage lamps in your home to achieve vintage style. If you follow these tips, perhaps only the ones that are most applicable to your specific interior, it will be much easier to create a certain cohesion in the home and a certain vintage style thanks to the incorporation of not only vintage lighting, but also lighting accessories. vintage.

Tip number 1: Is a lot of light required? No need to opt for high power lighting

The notion that maximum power is always a must to achieve vintage style with regards to lighting is false. Low power consumption produces little heat, but can be efficient. An 18-watt LED bulb provides very high light, the equivalent of that of a 140-watt filament bulb, without getting too hot. To hide the LED lights, choose shades with dark patterns and colors.

Tip number 2: Mix decorative styles with the appropriate materials

In an interior with mineral materials such as concrete, brick, tile or light stone, a variety of lighting with textile or wood materials can be integrated to achieve the vintage look with ease. Another way to achieve this contrast is to place a metallic lighting fixture in an antique or contemporary wooden cabinet.

Tip number 3: Avoid using light bulbs in cold light

For another form of vintage and aesthetic success with bright lighting, choose warmer bulbs, or simple retro filament bulbs, which will provide warm lighting with retro touches.

Tip number 4: Analyze the atmosphere of a room before choosing the color of the lamp

If the lamp you choose has a dull hue or reflection, then its interior color is of high importance. White tends to maximize diffusion, while orange and copper offer a warm and pleasant light, creating vintage style. A transparent shade also has the same effect. Its color will create a lightly tinted diffusion, for a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

Tip number 5: use a variety of lamps to create the perfect atmosphere

What is the ideal number? According to designer India Mahdavi, the perfect number of lamps or lighting fixtures to achieve vintage style in a large 30m square room is seven, or five in a 20m square room. Placed in the corners of a room, lamps can avert your gaze from light and at the same time create a sense of space.

Tip number 6: place the lamps in the areas of the home that need the most light

In a living room, a vintage lamp looks best placed near a vintage sofa or vintage armchair. To achieve the vintage look, you can also orient it towards pretty items on a shelf. In a normal room, they will be oriented towards a closet or a console. On a staircase, it is more effective to illuminate the steps than the walls.

Tip number 7: In the bedroom, opt for relaxed lighting

To achieve a level of indirect lighting, it is best to opt for lamps or lights that are reflected from the ceiling or walls. The best option would be vintage-style lampshades that diffuse colored light, and bulbs with very warm light.

Tip number 8: In the bathroom, try to incorporate a type of lighting that resembles natural light

If you have a bathtub, the most ideal light would be one that allows you to control the light with a dimmer switch, so it can be adjusted down during moments of relaxation. This also ensures an element of retro vintage style to your interior.

Tip number 9: In the hallway, put compact fluorescent bulbs that gradually get lighter

Check the ignition time, usually indicated on the bulb package. For instant illumination, opt for a different type of bulb technology (halogen, LED, or incandescent). Note that the vintage style can be created with any of these types. It all depends on the light you choose and where you place it.

Tip number 10: Do not use a lamp as the main source of light if it is not designed for this function

Lighting a room with bedside lamps provides an imperfect appearance, even with powerful light bulbs. The same is the case with a room illuminated mainly by a lantern of insufficient height. A vintage lamp should be an accessory, but not the main source of light. Vintage style can be achieved with a successful lighting level and emphasis on light, or with subtle nuances manifested by lighting fixtures.