10 The Best of Winter in Bricodepot’s Garden Catalog

Do you want to give a new air to your garden or terrace to enjoy it now that you can? Here is a compilation with the best of Bricodepot Jardín 2022 from the new collection. A selection of the best sellers of the year with ideas to decorate the garden, terrace and patio. Also in the Bricodepot online catalog you also have the new in kitchen and bathroom.

Bricodepot is one of the stores that sells the most in its outdoor catalog due to its good quality / price ratio, highlighting artificial grass, barbecues, awnings, tents and lattices, and furniture such as chairs and tables.The Bricodepot 2022 artificial grass catalog has many types of fiber, qualities and prices. There are long grains, medium grains and short grains to suit the needs of anyone looking to add a natural touch to their garden, terrace or balcony. The more realistic the more the price rises.

1- Bricodepot artificial grass catalog

It is important that before buying it you think about its use, because if you want it to be installed in a pool it must be resistant to chlorine so that it does not lose the tones that make it look natural. Also with the ability to drain water and have UV protection so that it does not discolor in sunlight.

If you want it indoors, you can choose a cheaper one, although as the surface area will be smaller, you can opt for a more realistic one and enjoy its softness under your feet.

2- Bricodepot barbecues

The Bricodepot 2022 catalog of barbecues has all kinds, for all tastes and for any room, be it garden, terrace or even balcony.

There are gas barbecues with a lot of functions, small portable barbecues for confined spaces or few diners, large charcoal barbecues with hood and fireplace. And if you have a patio or garden there are also refractory brick and concrete grills and barbecues for firewood and charcoal.

The good thing is that you can choose to spend little or a lot of money, because the cheapest are around € 30 and the most expensive come to € 350. There is something for all tastes and needs.

If you don’t have space and you want it for sporadic moments, choose one of the cheap ones. If you have a large patio or garden, you can choose a built-in one or one of the large charcoal or gas ones, which have a lid and you can make smoked dishes and use it in the oven.

3- Bricodepot awnings

In the Bricodepot awnings catalog we find several types. From the classic manual awnings anchored to the facade that fold and unfold by turning the crank, passing through gabled awnings with legs, side awnings and fixed rectangular and triangular sail awnings.

In recent years sail awnings have been popular because they are super cheap and easy to install. They are also very beautiful and hardly need maintenance because they do not have moving parts like the crank.

On many occasions they are even the only ones that can be installed because there is no facade where to place the classic awnings. You only need three or four anchor points, which can be a wall, a column or even a terrace fireplace.

4- Bricodepot tents

The catalog of Bricodepot garden tents is smaller than that of awnings, and what we see is the usual in this type of shade for the garden or terrace. There are open tents and closed tents to three winds.

Choosing one or the other will depend a lot on the privacy you need and the wind in your area. If there is a lot of wind and you have enough privacy you can choose the four-legged open tents. If it’s not too windy and you want privacy you can opt for one that can be opened and closed.

5- Bricodepot Garden Furniture

In the Bricodepot 2022 garden furniture catalog there is a bit of everything, focusing on the most common, which are outdoor tables and chairs. But we also find picnic tables, hammocks, storage trunks and beverage carts.

A wooden bench under a tree or an awning can turn a corner into a nice reading or resting area to chat quietly. Or a trunk that in addition to sitting is an outdoor storage center.

This year, light gray tones, wood tones, blue and green are taken. The good thing about these colors is that they are always a trend in outdoor furniture, they do not go out of style.

The catalog is very complete and you can choose from tables and chairs one by one, or buy sets of garden furniture with everything to match. But not only for the garden, there is also furniture for small terraces and balconies.

6- Bricodepot removable pools

The catalog of inflatable pools and detachable Brico Dépôt is scarce but enough that it comprises several diameter sizes of various capacities and water are all known brands.

Inflatable pools are easier to install because you just have to inflate the edge and fill them with water. Removable pools are more laborious but also more resistant.

In addition, they also have sewage treatment plants, pool cleaners, chlorine, PH tests, anti-algae and most of the accessories you may need, such as pool showers.

7- Bricodepot lattice

The catalog of lattices Brico Dépôt is a section called Hiding garden with various methods so that neighbors can not see you lie to spend a pleasant time. Apart from lattices there are bamboo, heather, wicker, plastic mesh or artificial hedges.

8- Privacy in the Bricodepot Garden

Hedges, nets and wicker are inexpensive options that do the job of avoiding prying eyes and gaining a bit of privacy. But the lattices are more elegant and can be complemented with creeping plants, hanging pots, putting strips of lights, etc.

9- Bricodepot outdoor flooring

In the Bricodepot catalog of outdoor floors there are several types of tiles and slate planks to decorate the floor of the garden, terrace or entrance.

If you have a swimming pool, some tiles with a polished surface and ivory color are comfortable to step on barefoot and contrast with the blue water, highlighting it much more so that it is the center of attention in the garden. If you also add a little grass in the solarium area, the combination is beautiful.

10- Slate planks Bricodepot Garden Catalog

The slabs of slate look great in any kind of external, for the durable, clean and beautiful they are. They come in various colors and textures, all natural with an elegant style.

In the Bricodepot garden catalog there are many more outdoor options, such as garden enclosures, garden machinery, water pumps, sheds, decorative objects, irrigation and swimming pools.

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