10 Pretty Ideas for Decorating a Garden

The interior gardens are special spaces, as they combine the possibility of being in contact with nature with the imprint of privacy inherent to the domestic area. The rooms of a house should reflect the personality and who lives in it to provide them with a feeling of comfort and belonging. We present ten different ideas for decorating a garden, where you will certainly be able to find something that pleases and inspires all tastes, even the most demanding:

1. Floor

It is important to rethink the garden floor. Several options at this level are usually neglected or not even considered; however, the garden floor is a fundamental element in defining the desired environment for the Garden. Although concrete and stone are the most common materials for their unquestionably utilitarian function, other options such as tile or gravel can be more original and charming.

2. Atrium

Though unorthodox, an atrium can be the perfect place to have an indoor garden. If you are stubborn, with the right amount of research and experimentation, you will find the right plant and flower species to thrive in the light and temperature conditions provided by the atrium.

The courtyard gardens inside the house are considered to be extremely modern and are associated with feng shui and zen energies. Adding some slope to the atrium roof is a good way to create the illusion of more space

3. Vertical or horizontal

When options are few and space is scarce, there is always the option of opting for a vertical or horizontal garden. In this case, it is especially relevant to pay extra attention to the needs of the chosen plant and flower crops so that the watering and maintenance requirements are similar in each section of the Garden. The inexperienced should not hesitate to seek help from a specialist in vertical or horizontal gardening, given their idiosyncrasies and problems. This type of Garden is always an invitation to express your inner artist by combining sizes, shapes, colors and textures in unique shapes.

4. Garden in the Heights

Having a green roof might seem like a slightly off-the-wall idea, but these easy-to-maintain gardens are an extremely welcome sight in fast-paced cities, where cement and bright lights tend to dominate everyday life. Flowerbeds and wooden decks give you the opportunity to get in touch with nature at any time.

5. Entry

One of the essential features for an unforgettable garden experience is to bet on a defined entrance. The entrance to a garden is a great opportunity to create a dramatic effect that sets the tone and ambiance of the green space. Here, you can choose from many gates, doors, or architectural openings, depending on the owner’s taste and inspiration.
In addition to the garden entrance, the house must be immaculate.

6. Lighting

In a garden, lighting can quickly move you from modest to magical space and will certainly be responsible for extending your useful time outdoors, as you won’t be restricted to enjoying it only during daylight hours. To create an authentic, relaxing nighttime safe haven, just bet on installing some cables and electricity pipes after planting.

7. Canopy of Flowers

A flower canopy can be the perfect addition to a garden. Its width, orientation and area will dictate the amount of shade available at any given time of day. Thus, selecting the right plant for the right place may require some gardening experience as you will need to match the plant’s growing needs with soil and garden light. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should anticipate the size the plant will reach in its mature state, as this can save you many hours of gardening.

8. Incorporate Water

Fountains are a classic addition to most indoor gardens. However, they can take on different shapes and lengths, and be housed in more unexpected parts of the Garden. The water adds the sound element to the gardens, provides a supreme touch of tranquility, and allows you to house animal life (fish, water lilies, etc.) and attract some species (dragonflies).

9. Underground Garden

A smart way to be able to incorporate a sunny terrace garden in narrow places is to dig and make space below ground level.

10. shacks

The shacks are a good way to compose a garden and have a very utilitarian function – depending on the size, they can serve as a warehouse or even as a guest room.

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