10 Incredible Living Room Trends for 2021

The year is ending and with it the trends for the new year are starting to emerge. If you’re thinking about renovating your living room, check out these inspirations first! Check out the main living room trends for 2021:

1- Multifunctional spaces

All-in-one is the key word for interior decoration of 2021. Now that our homes are in need of more space than ever, with offices and gyms moving into the home, organization and storage spaces are a must.

2- Carpets

Carpets will also be a big trend for next year. Experts say that placing a rug on your living room floor will transform the comfortable feeling of the room.

3- Blue color palette

Whereas before the bet was on neutral tones, now bluish tones have dominated people’s homes. This color works bringing tranquility to spaces that are usually more chaotic, bringing a feeling of calm.

4- Opulent Grandeur

The Opulent Grandeur will continue to be a strong trend in the coming year. With velvet being the key to this style, greys, emeralds and navy blue will be the main colors of the rooms.

5- Earth tones

To redesign your living room for the new year, think of earthy tones, which will transform your room into something fresh and full of light. Mix more neutral tones with splashes of color for a room full of character.

6- Green

Green is the color of nature, which we usually associate with tranquility outside, making it ideal for the home. Experts say green goes well with brown, to further intensify nature’s color palette.

7- Bring nature inside

Speaking of nature, experts say that the trend for 2021 will be to bring a little of nature inside, in other words, to bet on green and brown tones and lots of plants and flowers.

8- Escape to the interior

The ‘country’ decor is already very famous, especially its more modern variations. People can escape to a cozier environment, as if away from the city, to a more relaxing place.

9- Florals

Floral wallpapers are coming back to our living rooms. But now, in addition to the walls, they’ll be climbing to the ceiling too. Experts say this brings a sense of protection, with a contemporary twist.

10- Bouclé

Bouclé fabric became highly sought after in 2020 and signs indicate that this growth will not cease for next year. Whether on a sofa or a rug with this fabric, it will bring a unique contrast to your room.

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