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10 Ideas to Pick the Most suitable Kitchen Countertop

Do you want to give a change of look to your kitchen? Try the countertop! Are you tired of your kitchen? Do you see it outdated and outdated? Before thinking about expensive renovations, why not start by changing the countertop? You use it daily, it is a visible resource in the kitchen and choosing a new style or color can be a resounding turn to the rest of the decoration. Therefore, we want you to receive inspiration through the following ideas.

Before choosing such a product, it is convenient to look at the different types that there are, focusing on aspects such as materials and shades. It is true that the variety is very wide, but we must also be aware that a countertop fulfills an important function in the kitchen, both at a functional and aesthetic level. If we want to make a good choice, the ideal is that we have a knowledge of the different examples that exist and that we contrast.


What is it that moves us to choose one countertop or another? Mainly, the quality of it. We demand that it be efficient, durable and that the material is good. In this sense, we are going to find different types of countertops on the market to have a practical and modern kitchen : terrazzo, wood, silestone, stainless steel, etc. The guarantee that they are resistant materials is something that gives us security and well-being.

Probably, on more than one occasion you have asked yourself: what countertop do I put in the kitchen? Anyone that is effective and of quality is going to be a good choice. In this type of product, you do not have to skimp on expenses, it is advisable to make a good investment to have, thus, a resource that can be used throughout your life and that shows a modern, updated image or, even, have a kitchen with a look industrial .

The objective is that we enjoy a surface resistant to the passage of time , that does not lose its color or its efficiency. This is the only way to achieve a striking and elegant image, even if it is a small kitchen with a bar . Granite countertops are the most common, but we must not forget that there are also others that are making their way into homes, such as, for example, stainless steel countertops and terrazzo countertops.


The choice of a countertop to have a modern kitchen is not only limited to the type of material, but also to the color and shape. Countertop renovation and installation companies know very well how to adapt this resource to the kitchen itself . Everything is a matter of doing a preliminary study, taking measurements, making the necessary cuts and conditioning it to the space.

On the other hand, you have to take into account the color. The decoration of the kitchen must be properly related to the countertop, since it is going to take center stage in the place and becomes a very interesting aesthetic epicenter. Therefore, if we choose well, we will have gained a lot in decoration. In fact, wooden countertops or black countertops are becoming more and more relevant, being easier to relate to the decoration of the kitchen.

In short, if you are going to make renovations in the kitchen and you want to be successful with the choice of the countertop, we present a series of ideas with which you can receive a good dose of inspiration and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Laminate countertops are very durable and easy to maintain. As if that were not enough, the oak effect finish will provide a dose of unmatched naturalness to the kitchen, perfect for countless styles: rustic chic, modern … It also combines easily with many colors, although if you want to bet on luminosity, try the white or powdery tones.


Another possibility is that the wooden countertop is dark. A greater aesthetic personality is achieved, a warmer and more serious atmosphere and, of course, a naturalistic character. This countertop is hard and resistant to the passage of time, but it is also true that we must take care of it and not damage it.


Greens, oranges, mustard… This kitchen with terrazzo stands out even more thanks to the turquoise green lacquered doors. A very stylish option for a kitchen that exudes personality.


Believe it or not, black kitchens are a trend with legions of followers. Those who opt for the total look are daring souls with a passion for design. But there are others who prefer to decorate with small details, and one of them is the countertop. How about the matte black finish? Impressive, huh?


Would you like to give your kitchen a more industrial look ? A concrete-effect countertop and ceiling lamps with the exposed bulb will help you recreate the style.


The mineral finish is another of our favorites, since it generates an optical effect with an ideal texture to break up with too boring color ranges, or with the minimalist-style handleless cabinets that are so widely seen in today’s kitchens. In addition, you can choose between several shades.


Kitchen with white silestone countertop

Composed of 94% natural quartz, Silestone is an extremely hard and resistant material, and it is available in a host of colors and finishes.


A material resistant to the passage of time, strong and consistent, capable of supporting a lot of weight and offering a modern, subtle and updated image. With a model of this type you will have a countertop for life.


The elegance of marble can also be present in the kitchen. It offers a refined, noble and sophisticated look. There is no doubt that it is a very resistant and durable material, but it is also a very interesting resource to give a different image to the home.


Granite becomes a functional, resistant and suitable product for decoration. It can be found in different shades. In this kitchen, we can see it in a lighter tone that, after all, looks great with white furniture.