Terrace Design

10 Gorgeous Terraces Adorned With a Lot of Charm

It doesn’t take a big budget to turn a terrace into a little paradise. These ideas will help you transform this space into your favorite place in your home. A terrace is the ideal place to work on a creative and original decoration. We have the opportunity to apply elements that help to personalize and, on the other hand, are a continuation of the style of the house. Fabrics, lighting, ornaments… give life to the most austere terraces. Therefore, we want to present you 10 beautiful terraces with a lot of charm.

Porch with pool and dining room in white and blue

Currently, different resources can be found on the market to equip the terrace. Our purpose is that we are comfortable and achieve aesthetic harmony, without forgetting that it is a space that will dialogue with the outside or the garden. It does not matter if it is a country house or if it is an attic with a terrace, since there are different ways of approaching the decoration.


At home we usually have an appropriate place for rest, disconnection and calm. Many times we make the bedroom or living room fulfill this mission, but why not make the terrace our refuge? During the months of good weather we can get the most out of it and spend much more hours in it.

After all, creating a terrace can be easy if it is furnished properly; thus, it can be well organized for your use and enjoyment. Of course, we must equip it with outdoor furniture so that we feel maximum comfort. In this way, we will have an appropriate place for celebrations, rest, have lunches, etc.


What resources can we choose when decorating a terrace ? The first thing is to have a clear question: choose what to use. Accommodate the entire space with enough seats for you and yours. Do not forget to set the terrace with colors and plants, it is the best way to give it liveliness, freshness and a more lively character.

The style you want to apply will depend on the decoration . If you want a more alternative sense, pallets and recycled furniture will suffice; however, you also have the option of providing certain glamor, make a chill out or customize the sailor style.

These approaches can be good options; anyway, the most important thing is that you choose according to your tastes. So that you can get inspired and get more ideas clear, we show you below some examples of terraces. Any of them can fit into your house, which one will be yours?


Porch with pool and dining room in white and blue

Turquoise, pastel, navy and white blues. A color combination that never fails. The cold colors refresh hot spaces and recreate a one hundred percent sailor style, set with the new furniture and accessories by Leroy Merlin and with thematic objects: a boat oar, pictures of fish, a pot, a ladder converted into a shelf. What a success!


Wooden porch with outside lounge

Greater privacy and a well-shaded corner. They have been achieved by delimiting a part of the terrace with a wooden structure and a light awning. Cushions and table, by Filocolore. Chairs, from Estudio Restauración; candles, from India & Pacific.


Outdoor living room on the porch with a built-in sofa

There is no better nap than on these cushion-covered mats, purchased at Lu Ink, in true hippie style. As a coffee table , Little House model, with easels. Two classic wicker armchairs are enough to enjoy a charming atmosphere. The stain-resistant fabric covers are ideal for not damaging the materials.


Outside dining on the patio

The coverings are the protagonists in this terrace that has little furniture, but with great decorative force. The intense wine color of the walls, in contrast to the green of the vegetation and the white of the pavement, is the key to success. Sometimes less is more, as this terrace apartment shows.


Outside dining on stone wall patio

The simplest furniture can be radically transformed with the right props, as in this area of ​​the garden equipped with cheerful cushions and placemats by Alhambra Rustic Pop, a light curtain, good lighting … Nothing like the ornamental power of fabrics to achieve a stimulating and attractive corner. That easy!


Modern house with pool

If you make an enclosure from floor to ceiling with sliding panels, you can integrate the porch into the living room whenever you feel like it. To have a good thermal insulation, put a double glazing SGG Climalit Plus, it will allow you to save up to 30% in cooling.


Outdoor dining area on the porch with a built-in bench

A work bench and a white stripped table make up a casual summer dining room for many diners. Being arranged in an “L”, it makes good use of space and facilitates good communication. Accessories in blue and white, from Zara Home, personalize this serene decoration, providing summer relaxation and elegant freshness.


Patio with wrought iron bed and pallet coffee table

In the living area, a wrought iron bed, with cushions, by KA International and Grupo 13, has been transformed into a romantic sofa. It combines wonderfully, without forgetting the functional table made with recycled pallets that support the plants. Two pieces of furniture of different styles form a perfect tandem. The result? Outstanding!


Outdoor table made with pallets on the patio

How much play the pallets give! With three of them this table has been made so practical and economical. They are arranged in a tower, some wheels and a glass as a countertop to make up the furniture. Tolix-style chairs enhance this rustic-chic set. In this way, we make it clear that the terrace can be decorated with recycled elements.


Outside dining on the patio with wooden furniture

Next to the wall, to provide more shade, the dining room has been located, made up of a set of table, armchairs and wooden bench, by Becara. In the corner, a nightstand from the same firm, with plants and decorative objects, and an Ikea lamp. The candles, on the table and suspended from the ceiling, help create an intimate atmosphere.