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10 Foolproof Tips to Keep the House Daily Organized!

Keeping the house organized every day is a challenge for many people. This is a task that requires continuous and mutual effort. However, the result of a clean, tidy and pleasant home is always comforting. Therefore, daily organization is a practice that needs to be learned by everyone.

Fortunately, some tricks allow the day-to-day to run more smoothly and organization is easy. Want to know how to stay organized with simple tips that work? Here are 10 tricks to keep your house organized on a daily basis.

1. Clean and organized by sectors

The most common is to do all the housework in a single day, but this is not always the best option. In order not to overload the day to day and, at the same time, have the entire house organized and clean, the ideal is to divide the cleaning into sectors.

That is, devote one day a week to cleaning the bathroom, another to dusting the furniture, and so on. To organize all this, create a list of all activities for the week or use a spreadsheet.

2. Always tidy the house to keep it organized

As already mentioned, daily organization is an ongoing practice, so don’t leave it for later, tomorrow or the weekend. It’s easier to do a little every day than to leave it all for a single day. So your day to day is not tied to cleaning the house, but keeping everything in order.

So, start having new habits at home. For example, storing everything in its place after picking up an object, washing the dishes after meals, storing the cell phone charger after using it, among many other things.

3. Daily wardrobe organization

How can a single piece of furniture be able to take such a mess? Yes, some people have mastered the art of keeping clothes organized Marie Kondo style, but not everyone has this skill. Those who live a hectic routine, have children or do not know how to keep the organization, face major problems with the wardrobe.

If that’s the case for you, start with the wardrobe. Sort out what can be donated, keep what you wear, sort clothes by categories, colors and shapes, among other things. The organization of your wardrobe will reflect on several things within your home, you can be sure of that.

In addition to this organization, it is essential to maintain the same concept on a daily basis. It’s not enough to clean and tidy everything up in one day and then mess it up the next. In this case, use techniques that allow you to keep this place in the house organized for longer, such as folding specific clothes, using organizer boxes and drawer separators, among others.

4. Daily organization with organization accessories

There’s nothing better than boxes, dividers and other organizing accessories to keep your home in order. They can be used inside drawers, in bathroom cabinets, in the kitchen, in the wardrobe and in many other places. Use and abuse these objects to keep everything tidy and easily accessible.

Over time, you’ll find that these accessories are indispensable for keeping everything in place. Among the coolest ideas are: using dividers in the sock and silverware drawers, placing clothes from another season in organizing boxes somewhere in the wardrobe, including baskets and nice boxes in the decoration, but that are intended to organize.

5. Control consumption to organize daily

If you suffer from organization, it is because you have many objects to organize. Sometimes, it’s not worth trying so hard to “arrange” spaces and ways to store things we don’t need. This makes us think about whether it is worth spending money on certain consumer items.

The same applies to basic items, if the pantry is full it’s not worth trying to optimize spaces to buy more. In fact, conscious consumption is one of the most important pillars to lead a sustainable and organized life.

6. Share the daily organization with others

The organization of the house depends on everyone who lives in it. So, don’t carry this burden alone, share the tasks and responsibility with other people, such as your partner, siblings, parents, children, among others who may live with you. Everyone has their responsibility and obligation to keep everything in order.

For you to be successful in this, talk to the family member explaining that an organized home reflects a more harmonious life. Explain that the person is also a householder, so they must also take on certain responsibilities with you.

7. Detach from objects that are not useful

You know that blender you used only once, but can’t find a place to store it (and not even a reason)? Let go! Look in each room of the house looking for objects that are not useful or that pose a certain problem for the organization of the house.

Depending on the item, you can sell it or give it away to someone else. Ideally, your home is functional and pleasant for all residents. And you know what? The fewer objects, the easier it will be to tidy up the house every day. Although we don’t give that much importance, we accumulate a lot of things over time and, sometimes, these things end up interfering with the daily routine and organization.

8. Optimize spaces and use them to organize things

There are countless ways to optimize spaces and then use them for organization. For example, in a kitchen cabinet it is possible to use the interior of the doors to place hangings. So you can hang pot lids, accessories, utensils, and more.

Still in the kitchen, you can use a stand to organize pans, pots, glass trays, baking sheets and various objects that are difficult to keep organized. This support works as if it were a new shelf inside the closet, making it easy to pick up and store objects in a small space.

9. Have few objects and products in the bathroom

The bathroom sink countertop is one of the favorite places in the mess. There you can find products for hair, skin, nails, makeup, perfume, oral hygiene, mother’s hygiene, hair comb, brush, hair dryer and a series of objects.

To facilitate the organization of the day, keep in the bathroom only what is necessary, such as the creams you use daily, products that need to be in the bathroom and the rest, take it to your dressing table or to a specific place.

10. Recycle bins always clean

After everything is clean and organized, it is important not to forget about the garbage cans. They are the ones who accumulate day-to-day waste, which is why it is essential to include the cleaning of trash bins in the daily organization. Set aside a few minutes of your day to do this check.

Did you like all the tips on daily organization? Now you have no excuses for not keeping your house organized every day.