10 Decorative Arandela Models and Get Inspired

A decorative wall light is a wall lamp, usually responsible for indirect and support lighting. Rooms decorated with sconces, for example, usually also have some other source of lighting so that sconces are a great resource to add sophistication and warmth to the decor.

Decorating with sconces often depends on a flat or parallel surface for light to propagate. That’s why it’s interesting to think about the purpose of lighting, if you want to highlight some point in the environment, enhance a finish or simply make the environment more cozy, a decorative sconce can be the ideal alternative.

1- Decorative Sconce for Outdoor and Indoor Area

A lot of people think that sconces are only for outdoors, but actually sconce decoration can be done both outdoors and indoors. The big difference between outdoor and indoor sconces is the lamp’s protective material.

Outdoor sconces are sun and rain resistant, while outdoor sconces are less resistant. Always be sure before buying!

2- Decorating with Sconces: Where to do it?

As we talked about before, the wall light normally provides a soft and directed light, so it can be used anywhere that needs a support light and the enhancement of walls. Rooms, facades, balconies, gardens, corridors, washrooms and bedrooms can be transformed with the use of a sconce.

Let’s see some examples below:

3- Hallway Sconces

A decorative wall light can light up the hallway and make it safer and more cozy for those on the move. They serve as path markers and do not pollute the look.

4- Sconces for Bathrooms and Toilets

This is one of the spaces where the sconce has functional lighting as well as merely decorative, as they are cleaner spaces that often do not have a central chandelier, bathrooms can be lit only by sconces.

5- Sconces for Facade

Outdoor sconces can be used to illuminate the facade of the house or building, and add a very special touch.

6- Bedroom Sconces

In the bedroom, sconces are very welcome on the headboards of the beds, on the bedside tables or nightstands. They provide the ideal light for reading or for leaving the room brightly lit without disturbing the partner.

7- Room Decor with Sconces

Rooms decorated with sconces become more charming and intimate. It is very common to have lighting coming from a pendant in the center of the room, on the coffee table or on the dining table and support lighting coming from the sconces.

Decorating a room with sconces can also reduce the amount of objects on tables and sideboards. Here, the need for a lampshade is eliminated and the space is freer and more organized.

8- Sconces for Baby and Children’s Room

Some sconce models look sensational in baby and children’s rooms, see how the touch given by this lamp is special!

9- How to choose decorative sconces?

First of all, a lighting project is the best option to discover what is really needed for your environment.

  • Avoid exaggeration! Place only the sconces needed for your space.
  • Pay attention to whether the sconces are for outdoor or indoor use before making the purchase.
  • For runners, take measurements and make sure the wall light won’t get in the way!

10- Two important tips when installing your wall light:

  • Fixation is very important, hire a specialized professional or follow the installation instructions to the letter and with quality materials. When installing, be careful with the passage of pipes and wiring inside the walls.
  • Sconce installation height: If your house has a normal ceiling height (between 2.50 and 2.70), install the wall light between 2.00 and 2.20 m in height. This is the ideal height even in bathrooms and washrooms (with or without a mirror). In the bedrooms, the ideal is to install it as a bedside light, so fix your sconce between 1.00 and 1.10 m high, on the bedside tables or nightstands.

See more inspirations:

These were our inspirations and tips to help you when choosing a decorative sconce.

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