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10 Creative Decorative Niches Ideas for Your Project

See incredible inspirations to use the decorative niches in different environments of the house and create projects full of personality! The niches decorative are beautiful and versatile. They can appear in almost any room and allow you to organize objects on the walls, leaving the space personalized.

If you’re thinking about investing in this alternative, but you’re running out of ideas on how to use the decorative niches, follow us and see the incredible inspirations we’ve gathered! The decorative niches can be used in different environments, bringing charm and personalization.

1- What are decorative niches?

The porcelain tile decorative niches are resistant and versatile, bringing sophistication and elegance to the projects

Decorative niches are a type of shelf, as they are used on the walls, but are shaped like a box.

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of these items is that they are able to make better use of space without harming the circulation of the environment, as they are usually embedded.

Due to their innovative format, they bring a modern and daring touch to the wall decoration. You find rectangular, square, hexagonal, round, triangular, horizontal, vertical, and so on.

2- Why use porcelain tile niches?

Among the countless materials, a different alternative for your projects is the porcelain niche. Many people already know it in versions to organize and decorate bathrooms, but it is possible to go beyond this application.

Porcelain tile decorative niches can be internal, when they are placed in holes made exclusively for their application on the wall, or external, when they are installed without having to make room.

The advantages of investing in these niches are several, such as:

  • Porcelain is a sustainable material, as the extraction of clay from deposits is superficial, causing a smaller impact than other options;
  • Maintenance is simple, just use a cloth dampened with water and neutral detergent for daily cleaning;
  • There are different types of finish for porcelain tiles, such as polished, natural and even external;
  • Porcelain is a very resistant and cost-effective material.

In addition to all these points, with a porcelain tile niche you will be able to create a beautiful focal point for the room, creating contrast and adding personality.

How to use porcelain tile decorative niches?

As we said, porcelain tile decorative niches are very versatile. Although they’re most common in bathrooms and washrooms, you’ll be able to get creative and use these items in almost any space. Let’s see some inspirations?


Dare with the decorative niches. For example, in the composition of the external area, contrasting the green of nature with the concrete

On balconies and outside areas, decorative porcelain tile niches can appear, composing unique spaces.

Especially on the balconies, we have strongly seen the presence of vertical gardens and green walls, which help to bring nature closer to urban and domestic environments.

In addition to the ready-made niches, you can create your own versions with different materials, such as this inspiration with porcelain tiles

So, how about using niches to make this composition? They can work as beautiful flower boxes, in which you can add different plants, creating a modern look, due to the porcelain, and cozy, due to the presence of green.

Another alternative is to use these decorative niches in your gourmet area, near the sink or barbecue. In addition to giving a different touch, these elements are practical, allowing you to organize various utensils or create a decorative highlight, composing with vases and other items.

You can also think of prints and textures that are more suited to outdoor areas. The lines that reproduce concrete and bricks are the most used, but nothing prevents you from investing in a version that recreates wood or even marble, if you want to bring a touch of luxury.

In this case, it is only important to choose a product that is in accordance with the environmental conditions. For indoor and outdoor walls, natural porcelain is a great choice.

For an elegant and modern outdoor area, how about niches that resemble concrete


Porcelain tile decorative niches are also excellent in living rooms and bedrooms.

Decorative wooden niches are very common in internal areas, such as bedrooms and living rooms. But have you thought about innovating using porcelain in these spaces?

The Codice line, by Officina Portobello, can be used in virtually any part of the house. It is a system of independent modules in orthogonal shapes.

Thus, you can decorate different environments using the system in which one module joins the other, composing designs on the walls and helping with organization.

These niches can be used to receive and organize various accessories, such as lampshades, lamps, books, picture frames, collectibles, decorative objects, etc.

The niche can also replace the traditional headboard, giving a different touch to the rooms

If you want to create contrast, you can use different colors for the walls and niches. If the idea is to improve the amplitude, surfaces of the same color favor the feeling of continuity.

In bedrooms and home offices, a nice inspiration is to use several niches in this modular system, forming a kind of suspended bookcase, in which you can organize study and office materials, bringing a totally personalized design to the wall and leaving a differentiated environment.

Another alternative is to use the niche in the dining room. You can choose a wall close to the table to create a standout point, with niches of different sizes or just a main piece, always with decorative objects that help to give visual impact.

For the living room , how about investing in decorative niches composing the space next to the TV panel (which can also be produced in porcelain)? In addition to being very visually beautiful, the solution helps to organize the electros of this environment and the decorative objects.


In bathrooms, you can dare beyond the traditional use in the box. For example, composing the sink countertop, gaining style and functionality. Without a doubt, it is in the bathrooms and washrooms that the porcelain tile decorative niches gain more relevance.

The box area is the traditional place for using this element, allowing you to organize shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other bathroom accessories.

Those who have a bathtub at home can also bet on a niche in the wall next to it, in order to organize their bathroom items.

How about a beautiful, practical and creative inspiration? Like this idea, with the niche behind the sink

But the niche can appear on different walls of the bathroom or toilet. For example, over the sink, to organize the various items that need to be always at hand, or on the wall above the basin, to hold towels and other larger objects.


Porcelain tile decorative niches can also add sophistication to offices and commercial environments

How about leaving the home environment and daring in the decor of your office or your company? Porcelain tile decorative niches can also appear in these spaces, helping to organize and decorate.

This is an excellent way to impress your customers, showing that your brand is avant-garde, with modern decor elements that do not neglect refinement and luxury.

Instead of using a traditional bookcase at the office, for example, you can create a composition with different porcelain tile niches, organizing books and documents and taking the opportunity to insert decorative elements such as potted plants, paintings and sculptures.

7- How to choose between different sizes, prints and elements?

As important as the location of the decorative niches is the choice of sizes, prints and elements, especially in the case of porcelain tiles.

Regarding the technical part, the tip is the same as the choice of coatings. Always consider the characteristics of the environment where the niche will be, choosing a porcelain that is compatible with that space.

The decorative part must be in tune with the style adopted. It’s important to think of ways to make the piece stand out, gain prominence and create impact.


The first point is to analyze the dimensions, which must be adequate to the wall where the niche will be installed and ensure the correct organization of the objects.

For example, if you are going to use the niche in the bathroom, in the box area, choose a model that allows you to organize packages of greater height.

If the idea is to use it in the home office or office, prefer models that allow you to organize different sizes of books.


Niches that recreate concrete help bring a more industrial and rustic footprint to environments

The prints need to be compatible with the style of the environment.

If the place has a more rustic or industrial style, for example, you can bet on niches that recreate concrete and bring this daring touch, composing with a simpler wall or also in burnt cement.

For a contemporary and clean decor, which values ​​refinement and sophistication, the lines that reproduce the marble are excellent. You can find them in different shades.

Classic, the niches that recreate wood combine with different styles and environments

For those who don’t give up comfort, the versions that interpret wood are excellent and look great in outdoor areas.


A colorful niche is able to bring vitality to any environment, like this idea with the Gouache line, a monoporous suitable for internal walls.

Nothing prevents you from using other elements to enhance your decorative niches. Examples of this are shelves, drawers, doors, indoor or outdoor LED lights, and design coverings on the inside, such as decorative tiles, inserts, etc.

After all these inspirations, do you already know how to innovate using porcelain tile decorative niches in your projects? We hope so!