10 Best Bathroom Fixtures for Your Next Remodel

We remodel our homes for a variety of reasons. Remodeling can update the look of your home and increase its overall selling value. Second, a bathroom improvement project can address and meet the needs of the family. For instance, if a senior parent lives with you at home, building a second bathroom on the ground floor makes sense. Third, you may need to remodel to make life more comfortable and convenient.

Since your bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms in your home, it’s important to decorate it in a style that will fit with the rest of your home. When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you can choose from various materials for the bathroom fixtures.  If you’re planning to make your existing bathroom a better, prettier and more convenient place, here are the top eight fixtures you should get.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors often accompany other components of a bathroom remodel, like new fixtures or tile. It’s not uncommon to see them paired with new tubs or sinks. They’re often used as replacements for old shower stalls or as part of new construction projects.

What’s great about frameless glass shower doors is that they have the ability to completely transform your bathroom into something modern and fresh-looking. You can choose from several different styles, including full-framed or semi-framed designs. This type of door allows you to see through the glass panels into the rest of your bathroom, giving your bathroom a sleek and modern vibe. Click here for Frameless Glass Shower Doors Options And Hardware.

Textured Floor Tiles

Textured tiles are ideal for the elderly who have limited mobility and kids. Unlike the regular non-textured tiles, this type of tile is excellent for providing traction and makes the bathroom floor less prone to slips. For even more comfort, consider putting a heated mat under the tiles, so it feels less chilly to use the bathroom during the cold weather.


If you are looking for something simple, then a basic vanity will work great in your bathroom. On the other hand, if you want something with more character and charm, then a vanity with decorative details such as carvings or moldings is a great choice!


When choosing a tub for your bathroom, make sure you know what size you will need; some are larger than others. A standard tub is 5 feet long, but if you have space for something bigger that size can go up to 6 feet. You also want to make sure that your new tub is ADA compliant. One thing many home improvement stores will do is bring out samples of their products so you can try them in person. This way you don’t have to worry about getting anything that doesn’t fit well or doesn’t look the way you want it.


Bidet toilet seats are not very popular in the US yet, but these fixtures are extremely useful for the whole family. The bidet can be a standalone fixture or may attach to the toilet which sprays out water to wash the nether regions. Fortunately, bidets don’t need to be a splurge because you can find a brand and model that matches your budget.

Wall Mount Showerhead

The shower is a necessary fixture in any bathroom, but a wall-mount showerhead is a type you need to get in your next remodel. This showerhead is a relatively inexpensive fixture that allows you to save money by releasing water with a lower flow while still maintaining the same power of the spray.


The cabinet holds your bathroom linens and products. It comes into contact with moisture on a daily basis, exposing the material to potential rotting and damage. If your current cabinets are not holding up like they used to or have sustained ugly stains and dents, it’s time to replace them. You don’t need a high-end cabinet, but it’s best to invest in a mid-range cabinetry that can repel water and moisture.

Durable Countertop

If you’re remodeling primarily to increase your home’s selling value, you’re better off investing in a high-quality and modern countertop. Quartz and granite countertops are excellent choices because they are durable, can withstand powerful impacts and are low-maintenance. You might be tempted to pick a laminate countertop that mimics the look of granite to save some money, but if you’re looking to make a statement to the potential buyer, quartz and granite are the best way to go.


A bathroom improvement can be a worthwhile expense especially if you have the intention of improving your home’s value and helping family members meet their bathroom needs. However, it’s also easy to go overboard if you don’t plan what fixtures you want to invest in for the next remodel. You might think that a particular installation will look great in your bathroom, but will it work? Pick fixtures that are both beautiful and practical, and make sure that they’re of excellent quality. 

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