Bedroom Design

10 Bedroom Decor Blunders You Should Avoid

The bedroom is a sacred space, we use it to rest and recharge the batteries for the next day, so it has to be calm, pleasant and harmonious. That’s why there are 10 bedroom decorating mistakes to avoid to ensure you have the perfect room.

1. The wrong mat size

Errors in bedroom decoration

Rugs are used to give a warmer feel to the environment, but when we make a mistake when choosing the size they can be simply uncomfortable. When shopping for a bedroom rug, make sure it is neither too big nor too small.

2. A messy desk

Messy desk decorative bugs bedroom

If you live in your parents’ house and you have the desk in your room, or you live in a small apartment in the city, you work at home and you have the office in the bedroom, you have to make sure that when you go to sleep it is tidy. It may seem silly, but the human brain does not like clutter, and it subconsciously affects us when it comes to resting.

3. A closet full of clothes and accessories

Full closet in bedroom

The wardrobe is always small for us, we buy new clothes every season and it is difficult for us to get rid of what we already have, so we end up with the closet up to the top with tight clothes. In this case, if possible dedicate a room, or part of it, to use as a dressing room.

4. Unframed posters

Frameless posters bedroom decor bug

Another common mistake to avoid when decorating the bedroom is placing posters on the wall without framing. When you were a teenager they looked great, but now you have matured and the decoration has to be consistent. No matter what type of poster you have, if you put a frame on it it will multiply its presence.

5. Leave stacked clothes in the bedroom

Piled up clothes avoid in decoration

Try to avoid making lots of clothes, I know it’s very difficult, but it doesn’t fit. If it’s unavoidable, put on a pretty wicker basket for dirty laundry and a trendy evening suit that you’re going to wear another day. With these simple details you will enhance the presence of your bedroom.

6. Tangle of cables

Hide tangle of cables in the bedroom

If you have a thousand electronic devices in the room, you will have a thousand cables plugged into a terminal strip, they cross each other and in the end we have a very ugly tangle of cables. Try to keep them as ordered as possible and in a place where they are not visible. You can check out these solutions to hide cables in plain sight.

7. Delicate items on the bedside table

Avoid having vases on the bedside table

This is another of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes. Vases and figurines look great on the bedside table, but it can be very dangerous because if we want to turn on the light, or pick up and leave something on the table, we can hit it and break it. In the best of cases it will fall to the ground and that’s it, in the worst case it will fall on us or we will get up with bare feet and we will hurt ourselves.

8. Let the fresh flowers dry

Flowers in the room while they are cool

The pleasant scent of a freshly cut rose is a romantic touch to any bedroom, but once the flower is no longer fresh it begins to dry out and smell bad. Enjoy the flowers while they are pretty and move them around when the time comes.

9. Spotted cushions

Cleaning stains from cushions

It is normal to stain the cushions with makeup for example, but you do not have to leave the stains, it is something that is very ugly if your guests see it.

10. Little stuffed animals

Save the stuffed animals of childhood

The old stuffed animals from childhood are a weak point for any girl, but at certain ages you have to be strong and give them to your daughters, nieces or keep them in a place where they do not collect dust. As in everything, exceptions can be made, if your decoration is in a children’s style there would be no problem, but make sure that the set looks good.