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Outdoor Halloween Decorations Lights

When you stroll through your neighborhood this Halloween season, get ready for some front-yard tricks and some awesome lighting treats. Halloween displays are more sophisticated — and fun — than ever, headlined by energy-saving CFL and LED extravaganzas, and powered by creative home owners who pull out all the stops when it comes to making spooky delights. Click through our slideshow and enjoy the magic! Click To Read More

Mason Jars Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween can be great fun for all of the family, just like Christmas, Easter and birthdays. With Halloween right around the corner, you may be in need of some ideas for Halloween decorations. We all love Mason Jars so let’s combine them with the Halloween decor …hence Halloween mason jar crafts. They are easy to make, all you need just is some old mason jars, colors and little imagination. We’ve gathered 30 wicked ways to make awesome and spooky mason jar decorations. I think these ideas will turn your house into a spooktacular scene. Get inspired! Click To Read More

Witch Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Trick-or-Treat time is here again. Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up for this freaky fun-filled holiday. People have started picking out their costumes, treats for kids and finalizing their front yard decoration plans. While most people like to get ready-made themed decor items, we would encourage you to save on your pockets and create your own Halloween yard decorations. Bring out the child in you and have fun as a family while creating these creative and spooky Halloween outdoor decorations. We have offered all type of decor ideas keeping in mind everyone’s diverse choices. Click To Read More

Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is probably the most fun holiday in the year. When we want to have a perfect decoration for any occasion we need some time to prepare ourselves and come up with new and fresh ideas so our decoration looks perfect. Although Halloween is almost two months away, we tried to gather some great ideas for your Halloween decoration. Check out these awesome and spooky Halloween decoration ideas you might get an idea how to decorate your front door or yard even spookier and more interesting. Click To Read More

Spider Webs Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If you want to see someone swat madly at their hair, just send them down into a dark basement or seldom-opened shed to retrieve something. Once they encounter that first sensation of a slimy spider web clinging to their head, it’s a wild flailing of arms probably followed by a shriek of “Get it off me!” Obviously, this is the perfect reaction one would hope to achieve when decorating their home for Halloween! Click To Read More

Skeletons Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Decorating your yard or home for Halloween is becoming increasingly popular and a big part of the holiday itself. Halloween Express has everything from spooky Halloween home decor to commercial grade Halloween Decorations and Props. Halloween decorations can turn your yard into a ghoulish graveyard, a chilling cemetery or an evil yard haunt. No matter what your decorating theme, no haunted home or yard is complete without the special effects of a fog machine and chilling soundtrack. Click To Read More