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Large Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween has always been a big deal at our house, for many years we have transformed our yard into a fun and creepy experience suitable for both kids and adults. The sights and sounds of Halloween always make an appearance every October, and with the help of The Home Depot, our backyard was transformed into a magical Halloween experience that can be enjoyed while sitting around a roaring fire on a cool autumn evening. Click To Read More

Homemade Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is that time of the year when is totally OK to display bunch of skeletons and spiders at your porch and not feel weird about it. This fact and the fact that you can eat candy as much as possible make Halloween the most awesome holiday ever.Everybody loves Halloween, and what is not love about it: everything is in the name of fun, spookiness and it’s more than OK to be edgy.  Regarding to the fact that Halloween is around the corner, we guess that you have already started to carve the good oll pumpkins and hang the decorations. Anyway, in case you want to change The Halloween Decoration plan for this year and you want to try something fresh and new, you are just on the right place to be. As you are familiar we at Decoration Love are fan of edgy and spooky things and of Halloween as well. Therefore, we decided to collect the most interesting and most creative Halloween Decoration that are super easy to make by yourself and create a spooky and fun ambiance in your home. Click To Read More

Graveyards Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Woooo! This splendidly scary trunk-or-treat idea is fun and easy to make. Turn your car into a ghastly graveyard with a few props and a minimum of effort. This DIY Halloween craft project is a perfect family activity! Get everyone involved in preparing for a fun night. Your trunk will spook some little spirits when they come by for their sweet Halloween treats, and this decor idea is also a great backdrop for photos that will turn your holiday into a wonderful memory. Click To Read More

Glow Sticks Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Glow sticks are one of those mysterious toys that keep kids (and adults) entertained for hours. Who knew there were so many fun things to do with them; everything from kid’s crafts to party decor! You can find them at the Dollar Store or Walmart in the party section for really cheap, too. Wait for them to go on sale, and then stock up. With Halloween coming soon, I have rounded up 20 of my favorite glow stick ideas and crafts that will have you inspired to go out and have some fun in the dark. Click To Read More

Ghost Halloween Outdoor Decorations

Long before people started turning their yards into theme-park-caliber haunted houses for Halloween, a few of the more ambitious neighborhood decorators would put up a scarecrow in their yard or hang some white-sheet ghosts. As decorations and prop-making skills have become more elaborate, the sheet ghosts have given way to more lightweight, wraith like apparitions. Discover the easy way to make your Halloween ghosts float or fly across your yard, porch or wherever the spirits take you. Click To Read More