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25 Mediterranean Exterior Design Ideas

Mediterranean Exterior Design Ideas – What is your first association of ‘Mediterranean’? Is it a delicious seafood salad, or a sip of premium red wine? Does it perhaps remind you of long seaside walks, long swims, or cheerful music? Mediterranean culture has certainly made a great contribution to the world, not just in terms of tradition, but also home decoration. Both your old and new design projects could benefit from this ‘warm’ influence; and could take you to the wonderful coast in no time. The classic charm and the seductive beauty of Mediterranean Exterior design ideas cannot be obtained through any other design solution. This is exactly why the style is so popular; and used almost everywhere in the world. The big question is: How could you adapt it to your place? First of all, we have to distinguish between the three dominant types of Mediterranean Exterior style: you can opt for the Italian, Greek, or Spanish influence; or introduce the regional touch of Western Asia and Northern Africa. What could be really unique is to apply Moorish motifs,, and to replicate the rich Islamic influence of the ninth and the tenth century. Click To Read More

25 Industrial Exterior Design Ideas

The Industrial Exterior Design and the industrial style in general, is something that we have not really been showing to you guys. The reason behind that is because this style in particular is a style that not everyone likes. Even though it might look interesting and creative at first, only people with a specific taste find this design a good choice for their homes. That is why, we have decided to surprise you today with this new collection of 25 unusual residences with industrial exterior designs in which we have featured 15 various industrial design which we hope, not only industrial design fans will like, but all of you who are checking out this collection. Another interesting thing that you might find in this collection is the way some people have managed to transform something used for industrial means, such as large metal shipping containers or grain silos, and turned them into a modern place that can be used to live in, without lacking anything a normal house would offer. Enjoy! Click To Read More

25 Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas – Classic, elegant and comfortable, the farmhouse style of decorating is all about keeping things simple and organic. Unlike many other modern Exterior design styles, this particular approach allows you to decorate with a wide variety of accessories and furnishings that add a touch of inimitable personality to your home. Pretty much any home can embrace the farmhouse vibe regardless of the landscape that surrounds it. Rustic, minimal and cozy, this style allows you to turn up the element you wish to highlight the most with a simple tweak in the finer details. One of the convenient aspects of the farmhouse style is the flexibility it offers, enabling you to decorate with your personal decor collection and vintage furniture that you might have fallen in love with. The gorgeous farmhouse style is about finding an appropriate place for everything that you love and ensuring that you live at ease while enjoying the many sights and sounds outside! Click To Read More

25 Eclectic Exterior Design Ideas

Our showcase of the Eclectic Exterior Design Ideas is coming to an end but there are still some things that we want to show you. This time, you’ll be seeing eclectic home exterior designs which are everything but common. The designs that you are going to see below are extremely creative and quite unusual which makes them very interesting to observe and use as source for inspirational ideas. There’s no doubt that you are going to like some of the designs represented in the images below because they are so different from each other which means there must be some feature or detail that you’ll like. we are going to show you even more amazingly unusual and creative designs of eclectic homes which are a very good source of ideas that can both inspire and motivate you to change something in your home. Click To Read More

25 Craftsman Exterior Design Ideas

Inviting Craftsman Exterior Design Ideas in which we have featured pictures showing the craftsman design style in it’s best light. But first, a little bit of history on the craftsman style. The craftsman style developed out of the British Arts and Crafts movement going on since the 1860s. As a comprehensive design and art movement it remained popular into the 1930s. In the architecture world, the craftsman home style means that we are talking about a home which has low-pitched roof lines which can result in a gabled or a hipped roof that has deeply overhanging eaves as well as a roof that features exposed rafters or decorative brackets under the eaves. Another significant feature of the craftsman style is that the porch is located beneath an extension of the main roof. Click To Read More

25 Contemporary Exterior Design Ideas

The Contemporary Exterior Design is the very first thing which we see, when we pass near some house. The exterior is mirror for every house. It creates to the passers the first impression of the owner, his personality and character. Well arranged exterior can provide a pleasant stay in touch with nature and allow moments of rest and relaxation. Every contemporary house need to have great exterior design. If you are looking for ideas how to decorate your exterior you will find it here in this post. These various inspirational ideas will leave you breathless. All details are incorporated excellent, and together they make one stunning exterior design, which captures looks from passersby. Check out the following examples, find your favorite exterior design and make the best version of your dream house. Enjoy! Click To Read More

25 Beach Style Exterior Design Ideas

You and your family love the beach with everything that it means and offers you, and all your holidays are at beach? You are not disturbed by the noisy waves and you can sleep even on the beach? When these answers are positive you need to find a solution for not paying any more on the hotels, and save the money for building a modern beach house just like you dreamed. Decorating a beach house is more simple than a normal house, because the ocean get you the inspiration you need and the shells you find on the beach are more then perfect to use as decorations for your Beach Style Exterior Design. Get ideas with these beach house pictures and start to make plans for your peace of heaven, the single place where your life can stay in stand by mode. Keep in mind that with a fireplace beach houses are ideal even for winter holidays. Click To Read More

25 Asian Exterior Design Ideas

Asian Exterior Design Ideas – Although most commonly associated with black, white and red, it is much more than that. Every example of modern home decoration in Asian style, includes wood as basic material. In this style is dominated the red color, which in the local tradition means happiness. Porcelain vases, lanterns and decorative pillows, sculptures and figures of dragons and Buddhas, are basic details that will help to achieve playfulness in the space. Asian exterior is also beautiful. It is characterized by clean lines, and minimalist elements. Asian exterior is always with warm and inviting colors. If you want to achieve cozy zen atmosphere, you need to opt for Asian style. In addition, you can see one collection of some gorgeous Asian inspired exteriors. Click To Read More