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35 Stunning Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

Forget white and beige. When it comes to neutrals, gray is the hot shade. Once associated with sadness and dreariness, the color has gained in popularity among top designers, who appreciate its versatility and sophistication. The cool color works in any space from the kitchen to the bedroom and serves as a beautiful backdrop for any style of furniture, artwork, and accessories. Click To Read More

35 Beautiful Cottage Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedrooms representing Cottage style whether it is rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic or country cottage they are all charming and special in their own way, as they carry a smoothness of personal touch, warmth of cozy atmosphere and charm which is every lasting. Cottage styling is one the simplest, cutest and one of its own class. It is always suitable for every kind of dwelling with modern, eclectic, traditional or ethnic tastes. Whether your home is a small country cottage or you just want it to feel like one, enjoy a cozy bedroom retreat when you mix calming pastels, pretty floral, and vintage accessories together to get the pleasure of cottage bedroom. There’s nothing that makes us feel cozier than cottage-style bedroom. Click To Read More

30 Amazing Bedroom Lights Design Ideas

Whether you retire to a small alcove or a grand master suite, you probably use your bedroom for more than just slumber. Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, but too little light hinders you from doing much else. Bedroom lighting can range from basic to bold; dimmed to dramatic, and these tips will help you choose the right style for you. Check these 30 Amazing Bedroom Lights Design Ideas and enjoy! Click To Read More

30 Beautiful Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

Loft Bedroom are usually the most appealing interiors in the whole house, even though we can not tell for sure what draws us to them so much. Some people unconsciously correlate them with secret rooms, or even with large playgrounds. Either way, they have a special charm, and a warm feel that seems to follow you around, even after you leave them. Designing such a space comes with its many challenges. That is why today we decided to try and make things easier for you. By putting together a list with the most beautiful Loft Bedroom out there, we figured we would at least give you a starting point in decorating. Click To Read More

30 Charming Neutral Bedroom Design Ideas

While bedroom designs are essentially personal, often your design of choice should be as accommodation as possible. Some colors such as purple and pink bedroom designs are considered to be more feminine while some like dark-blue are regarded to be more masculine. For this reason, if you’re sharing a bedroom with your spouse, it’s good to go for a neutral bedroom design that will leave both of you gratified. Click To Read More

40 Various Ways To Do Country Bedroom Designs

The bedrooms that we will be showcasing in today’s article are rooms wherein the use of drapes, huge-sized beds – which is usually four-poster queen sized beds, huge windows for light and ventilation, matching side tables, and sometimes these bedrooms come with fireplaces, too. Country homes, like in movies usually keep the owners warm through the fireplace. You will notice that the colors used for the fabrics are usually floral and light colored. Here are the 40 photos for our Country Bedroom Designs. Click To Read More