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25 Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

Industrial Bathroom Design of course, there are many kinds of industry: the transportation industry, the service industry, the entertainment industry. But none of these are what we mean when we talk about industrial chic. Interiors designed around an industrial trend are stripped back, functional, spartan even – they’re designed with the heavy industry of construction and manufacturing in mind. Click To Read More

25 Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Design – Whether or not you live in the country, you can enjoy a simpler way of life by decorating your home in farmhouse style. From a Midwest farmhouse filled with early American antiques to a bright and sunny New Hampshire home that embodies good cheer, we would give you great ideas to get that inspiration for your home! Click To Read More

25 Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

Eclectic Bathroom Design – there are many designs that we can choose to apply in redecorating or remodeling our bathroom. With that we have seen the different designs of bathrooms we featured here such as modern, contemporary, classic and the different colors of bathroom as well. We can also combine those designs to come up with another charming design. Today, we will show you the different elements of various designs for luxurious and elegant Eclectic Bathroom Designs. Click To Read More

25 Craftsman Bathroom Design Ideas

Craftsman Bathroom Design – Bathrooms offer plenty of opportunities to explore interesting combinations of materials. Craftsman design offers an endless source of inspiration. In the following bathrooms we achieve a wide range of moods and effects, through craftsman design principles of using natural materials, in simple forms, with expressed construction. Click To Read More

25 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

The latest buzz in the world of interiors is the contemporary bathroom design. Contemporary design, which was earlier limited to the living room and bedrooms, is now being carried to the bathroom as well. The contemporary design by Italian company Cesara has its own unique aura, a style and an ambiance which are very difficult to achieve using other types of designs. The clean, fresh and sleek line of contemporary design simply makes the room welcoming and warm. Click To Read More

25 Beach Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Beach Style Bathroom Design – If you are planning interior renovation think about your bathroom first. This is not just a place you visit every morning for brushing your teeth. It can become your sanctuary if you choose the right design. What about beach bathroom decor? Seaside serenity matches a bathroom perfectly. Even during cold and unfriendly winter you will be able to enjoy a bit of seaside. Gentle reposeful colors visually expand a small space and marine accessories attract your eye. Correct choice of colors and attention to details will help you to turn your bathroom into a luxurious peaceful place. Click To Read More

25 Asian Bathroom Design Ideas

Asian Bathroom Design – Although luxury is the same thing on every continent, the Asian is really different from the west. Oriental or Asian decorating themes possess a classical appeal for distant origins of civilization on whose foundations are based. The rich culture of Asian nations gave a long and varied range in which they could create the arrangement of unique and distinctive way. Click To Read More