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27 Awesome Big Living Room Design Ideas

Living room is the place in every house that is noticed every time and by everyone. It is the area where visitors are welcomed and so, needs to be the best. The decoration and arrangement of furniture are important in this sphere and enhance the looks of the living room. Make the coffee table the center of attention in the living room. Even though the room is large, you can still pull this off. You can opt for a slightly larger coffee table and arrange a sectional and a few armchairs around it. Check these 27 Awesome Big Living Room Design Ideas. Click To Read More

29 Beige Living Room Design Ideas

Beige is frequently ignored as a great decor color. In most instances, it’s used in bits and pieces, but a living room decorated in beige can be striking and far from boring. What’s more, beige can be used like a neutral shade making it easy to add additional hues. Beige works with practically everything! First, think of beige as an asset. Beige is a warm hue and great as a complement to deep rich shades. Moreover, it brings out the best in any decor. Keep in mind, that beige can be used not only in traditional spaces but in contemporary ones as well. Click To Read More

28 Beach Living Room Design Ideas

We’ve already told you about sea-inspired bathrooms and bedrooms and now it’s time for one of the most important rooms in the house where you gather with friends and family – a living room! Coastal, beach and sea-inspired spaces are so cute and cozy! Aqua, blue and turquoise are fantastic, bright and raise your mood! But it’s not necessary to make your living room in cold shades if you don’t want to, just choose warm beach-inspired colors and add accessories. Accessories and details are so amazing that I can’t stop thinking of such an interior for my own living space! Just look at those star fish, sea urchins, fish and shells and all the paintings with them, they are so delicate and nature-like! But you may add drift wood, sea glass, corals and even boat models and flags. Look at some ideas below and get inspired! Click To Read More

25 Awesome Living Room Design Ideas

Today many living rooms often have more features: resting, active socializing, sleep etc. So the living room space is divided into separate sections – vacation, work, hobbies, etc., and the space is shared with compartments or items of furniture. Before arranging the living room, you need to decide which functional groups should be included, depending on the human’s habits and needs of each individual family. You need to be careful because this area should not be overloaded with furniture, thus creating a feeling of overcrowding and suffocation. With proper selection of furniture even small spaces can visually become sufficiently large, and thus stay in them to become more pleasant. The position of the TV should be such as to allow unobstructed viewing from all over the living room. Have a look these 25 Awesome Living Room Design Ideas. Click To Read More