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20 Master Bedroom Ideas You Must Love To Copy

Although I’m sure you already have plenty of master bedroom design ideas in mind, before you start decorating the room you must pay attention to the basics. By definition, the master bedroom is usually the largest one in the house but there are also other elements that capture the essence of the concept. It normally includes more than just the basic amenities and it’s up to you to decide what they are. Click To Read More

25 Living Rooms with Mirrors You Love to Copy

The design, the furniture, the color and all the accessories, everything must be in good combination for creating a perfect home. When it comes for the accessories in the living room, there are some of them that can totally transform a place and give it a special charm, warmth and bright decorative accent. We already know that how magical the right mirror can be and it can add space and depth to a room, but keep in mind that when used well it can also makes a color reflection, emphasis and intrigue. They are also a timeless and versatile design accessory that can be integrated into any living room interior style. Click To Read More

25 Painted Brick Fireplaces in the Living Room

The fireplace becomes a focal point of the home wherever you place it but usually it is seen in the living room and it would have various finishes as well made of different materials. Some would use concrete while still others use wood. But one common material that used for a fireplace from the olden days up to now is the brick stones. These not only look beautiful but it brings a natural look to a home. And once you are tired looking at its natural brick finish, you can always paint it. Yes, brick fireplaces can be painted with whatever colors you want! Click To Read More

25 Designer Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is a key space for many homes, simply because it’s a place where multiple people tend to gather and, well, live. The living room may double as a party room, a study room, a music room, a reading room, a visiting room, an eat-in room, or it could be something else altogether. For these reasons, it’s important that the living room is an engaging, inviting space that reflects your sense of style while still providing functionality in the areas your household needs it most. Check these 25 Designer Living Room Decorating Ideas and get inspired. Click To Read More

25 Cozy Designer Family Living Room Design Ideas

The family room should be the place where people gather to chat, relax and spend time with each other or, in other words, where they go to be a family. Yet sometimes the name is the only thing that remains constant over the years. One of the things that make a room look and feel welcoming, warm and cozy is the lighting. The family room can feature a variety of lighting options such as a chandelier at the center complemented by floor lamps, and sconces. In an open floor plan, the lighting used for the rest of the spaces also plays an important role. Here are 25 Cozy Designer Family Living Room Design Ideas which will inspire you. Click To Read More

30 Living Room Design Ideas To Make You Feel Comfortable

The living room is one more really important room that every home has. It’s the place where you and your family spend most of your time together. You also usually entertain your guests there. Besides that you can also simply relax there alone by a fireplace or simply while watching TV. This is why it’s so important to decorate it into a cozy and friendly space. We gathered for you a collection of 25 amazing living rooms that will show how cool this room could be. Of course most of them are quite large and luxurious but you still can get a bunch of ideas from them. You’ll see how important large windows, comfortable furniture and beautiful fireplaces are. Enjoy! Click To Read More

Scandinavian Living Room Design With Pastel Touches

Scandinavian style is very popular for décor today but sometimes it looks a bit cold and uncomfortable. This living room is none of that kind, it looks cool, warm and even a bit cheerful. Let’s have a closer look at it to catch some details and get inspired. The living room is spacious and includes not only a living space but also a dining one and a playroom for the kids. Scandinavian style supposes lots of light and light shades, so the walls were painted white, and the original oak floor was restored. It was sanded, painted and refinished, so the wood grain was still visible. The original large window was also restored to flood the room with light. The fireplace divided the space into two parts: a living room and a dining room. Click To Read More

25 Very Beautiful Summer Balcony Decor Ideas

Spring is in its mid and I’m sure that many of you are already thinking of coming summer. In spring and summer everyone loves outdoor living – breathing fresh air, dipping into the sunlight or moonlight and enjoying the birds’ songs. That’s why it’s high time to think how to prep your balcony for summer, especially if you have some limitations. What do you need to enjoy fresh air in your balcony in summer? A couple of chairs or a soft bench, a small table to have a cup of coffee or put your book on it, some candle lanterns or even lights for creating an atmosphere, and, of course, greenery. Plants greenery, succulents, cacti in various floor or hanging pots and voila! Dip into the pics below for some inspiration! Click To Read More

35 Creative Bookcases Design Ideas

If you don’t read books and don’t care about the bookshelves don’t be too quick to close this article. Just think about it. What impression does a room full of books make? That’s right! It will immediately make you look smarter! Just make sure to put some smart books about topics you barely understand like quantum physics, advanced mathematics or neurosciences. Of course, you might run into a problem if some smart ass tries to chit chat about something you have in your library. Don’t worry, just fake a phone call and when you finish, no one will ever remember the topic. Now that we agree that it’s essential to have a Bookcases, let’s take a look at some of the most creative designs out there. Click To Read More

30 Bathtubs Designs Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

Can you imagine a good bathroom with a bathtub? We don’t. Everyone uses it differently, and thankfully there are a variety of options available — clawfoot tub, jetted tub, freestanding tub, corner tub or soaking tub. Most modern bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass, but options with enamel on steel or cast iron are still available. Here are 30 Bathtubs Designs Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Luxurious Click To Read More